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of iron ore pellets, an additional 1.7 million tonnes of capacity will be needed by 2017 something existing facilities cannot handle.

If a larger harbour does not come to fruition like Tenaris are at risk to be displaced from the docks and they will have to find other transportation needs. That's not the best for the economy, Poloni told council.

In 2011 4.7 million tonnes of cargo moved through the harbour and with Essar Steel Algoma's plan to change its supplier All Black Converse High Tops Size 8

of this has the potential for economic activity and spinoff, he said.

Mayor Debbie Amaroso told council that Sault MP Bryan Hayes and MPP David Orazietti have been kept fully abreast of the situation and both have indicated that they will reiterate that this is the city's transportation infrastructure priority to government and ministry leaders.

A further $5 million for the front end implementation phase will also be needed.

Failure to act will mean the continuation of aging, overcrowded infrastructure that will spill over and create a downfall in the economy, he said.

capacity, it could also increase its product and business.

Other sectors including salt, aggregate and gravel companies made similar statements, Poloni said.

Womens Converse White Low Tops

An expanded harbour translates to increased economic benefits, he said.

Once the funding is in place, three other tasks need to be completed that include creating a public private partnership, consulting with the First Nations and completing an Environmental Assessment.

Womens Converse White Low Tops

is the third business case that has been completed in nine years and all results are remarkably Womens Converse White Low Tops the same. It's time to stop studying and start implementing the project, he told council. isn't a case of 'if you build it they will come.' It's here now and more is coming. large project will take two to five years to complete and needs to start with signing a memorandum of understanding with Essar Steel Algoma that will define the property to be used for the harbour and the arrangements or terms that could include severing the land for a public dock or entering into a long term lease agreement.

Council approved accepting the report and Converse Shoes Ladies Australia

Womens Converse White Low Tops

Womens Converse White Low Tops

For every $100 million added to the harbour, that creates $200 million of economic growth, $80 million increase in gross domestic product and 600 jobs, he said.

Womens Converse White Low Tops

Working with government representatives to forward funding applications would be the next logical step, Poloni said.

Womens Converse White Low Tops

The time is right to seek support and make a pitch for government funding that will see a regional deep water harbour established in Sault Ste. Marie, a consultant reports.

Poloni said that in this case, the private sector should shoulder the costs of the project and that city council could choose to contribute, if it desires.

He said the solution to the problem is simple: the public dock has to be expanded, dredging needs to be completed to allow for larger ships to carry full loads of cargo and infrastructure improvements need to be made to increase the capacity of the iron ore docks to help Essar Steel Algoma grow.

Womens Converse White Low Tops

economic benefits are significant to your community and it potentially doesn't cost you a cent, he said to council.

Smaller increases could be attributed to increases in slag movement, new aggregate movement and the potential to re establish salt storage and movement.

Womens Converse White Low Tops

It's estimated that a $116 million investment is needed to make the improvements and grow the economy for years to come.


Poloni said the Build Canada Fund, which was also used locally to help fund infrastructure improvements for Huron Central Railway, and is funding the International Bridge Plaza upgrades, is what could be accessed for this project by the federal government. Provincial government programs linked to the Building Canada Fund and potential linkage to the implementation of the Northern Ontario Growth Plan.

The funding is traditionally done on an equally shared basis between the federal government, provincial government and municipality or private sector partner.

Womens Converse White Low Tops

Oscar Poloni, consultant with KMPG who completed the business case for a deep water harbour in Sault Ste. Marie says the existing harbour and its nine docks at Essar Steel Algoma is old and deteriorating, capacity is at a peak and shallow levels are affecting the size of ship and the shipping loads that can dock at the existing facilities.

The study shows that while Essar Steel Algoma is planning for some significant growth, other local companies, including Tenaris Tubes, said if there was dock Converse High Tops Uk Size 6

Womens Converse White Low Tops

the transportation committee's recommendations to move forward with the next steps of the project.

Harbour expansion critical to economic stability

The study shows that there is a demand for at least a 30% increase in port volume movement in the near future, the majority by Essar Steel Algoma and Tenaris Tubes.

Womens Converse White Low Tops

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