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Ignatieff insisted that the party's "deep and ancient tradition" will carry on.

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largely determined the outcome of Canada's 41st general election.

"I have been honoured to represent you," Duceppe told supporters in Montreal, announcing he was resigning as leader.

"Democracy teaches hard lessons and we have to learn them all," Ignatieff added, offering to remain as Liberal leader as the party tries to recover from the worst showing in its distinguished history as Canada's most successful political organization.

In Ontario and Quebec, where 181 seats were in play, a Conservative wave west of the Ottawa River and an NDP tide to the east Converse Hi Tops Leather White

In Calgary, at a rally of Harper's supporters, Conservatives cheered and celebrated as the results rolled in from across the country confirming that Canadians, in large numbers, had given Harper the trust he had sought during the five week campaign.

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She defeated Conservative incumbent and sports minister Gary Lunn in the Vancouver Island riding of Saanich Gulf Islands.

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The Tories took more than 70 of Ontario's 106 seats, an increase of about 20. And the NDP will send about 60 of Quebec's 75 MPs to Parliament.

"Today," a jubilant May told an audience of Green supporters, "we proved that Canadians want change in politics."

shall be faithful to the trust that you have reposed in us," Harper continued. "Whether or not you cast a vote for our party today, our government must and will stand on guard for all regions and friends, we shall do that faithfully."

"What a great night," Harper exclaimed as he addressed cheering supporters in Calgary. "And friends, I have to say it: A strong, stable, national, majority Conservative government.

Harper then thanked constituents in his riding of Calgary Southwest for allowing him, once again, to follow "in the footsteps of Preston Manning" a former MP for the constituency and the founder of the Reform movement that gave rise to the reborn Conservative party now led by Harper.

In Toronto, Layton told a roaring crowd: "We're going Womens Converse White to work very hard . . . each and every day to earn the trust that Canadians have placed in us. I want to say that I've always favoured proposition over opposition. But we will oppose the government when it's off track."

Conservative leader Stephen Harper waves to supporters gathered at the Telus Convention Centre in Calgary, Alberta, May 2, 2011 as he celebrates the election of a Conservative majority government in the federal election.

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Both the Conservatives and NDP were picking up seats everywhere from a wounded, Ignatieff led Converse Shoes High Cut

The New Democrats held just one riding in Quebec Thomas Mulcair's seat in Outremont before the election.

Harper 'humbled'

Liberal party that lost five of its East Coast MPs and dozens of others throughout Ontario its last major bastion of strength and Quebec.

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By midnight Ottawa time, the unofficial election results had the Conservatives with 166 seats, the NDP at 103, the Liberals at 34, the Bloc at 4 and the Greens with one.

Meanwhile, Ignatieff was ousted as an MP from his downtown Toronto riding but told supporters he would stay on, for now, as leader. ET, congratulating Harper and Layton "two opponents who've had the better of the night," he said.

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"Our priority is to deliver on our programs of support for families and the senior citizens of our country," he told cheering supporters.

But a key corollary to his message was the prospect of what he called an "illegitimate," "reckless" and "ramshackle" coalition of opposition parties backed by the separatist Bloc if the Conservatives were denied a majority.

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Harper, for the first time in the four campaigns he has led as Conservative leader since 2004, explicitly called on Canadians to give his party a majority mandate. The central thrust of his election pitch was the Conservative record on maintaining a healthy Canadian economy at a time of historic upheaval in global financial markets.

And the Liberals' woes were shared by Duceppe's Bloc Quebecois, which was headed for utter decimation and perhaps as few as four seats in the province the separatist party has long wished to lead out of Confederation.

"This time, Quebecers wanted to try something else," he said. "I am leaving, but others will follow until Quebec becomes a country."

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And Duceppe was defeated in his own Montreal area riding as the Bloc lost official party status with its monumental collapse.

"We are grateful, deeply honoured in fact, humbled by the decisive endorsement of so many Canadians. We Converse High Tops Mens Red

The mood was grim Monday night as Bloc supporters saw the impact of the NDP wave sweeping away seats the party has held for its entire 18 year existence.

Two other leaders Michael Ignatieff of the Liberals and Gilles Duceppe of the Bloc Quebecois went down to defeat in disastrous campaigns for their parties, while Green leader Elizabeth May won her party's first seat in Parliament, another milestone victory in an election marked by seismic shifts in Canada's political landscape.

Meanwhile, May, a high profile environmentalist, made more history by becoming the first member of the Green party elected to the House of Commons.

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