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Here's a look at what each player wants:Hamas was in its worst shape ever before the July 8 start of its third war with Israel since 2009.

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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu raised the idea of trying to disarm Hamas in the future, with international help, but hasn't said how.

the need to open Gaza. The blockade has choked not only Hamas, but Gaza's 1.7 million people.

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The Islamic militant group, which seized Gaza in 2007, was caught in a financial crisis that threatened its ability to govern because Egypt had sealed border smuggling tunnels, a vital source of Hamas funding. Hamas, a branch of the region's Muslim Brotherhood, also became more isolated: Egypt turned hostile after its military deposed a Brotherhood led government in Cairo, while Hamas previously had already fallen out with patron Syria and to some extent with Iran.

Images: Bovington Tank Museum commemorates the First World War centenaryThe Tank Museum in Bovington, Dorset marked the 100th anniversary of Great Britain declaration.

Palace where Kaiser Wilhelm II declared First World War to be rebuiltIt was the building from which Kaiser Wilhelm II declared, to an adoring crowd, the beginning of the.

Leuven's legacy: Century after razing of Belgian library, cultural destruction a wartime normLEUVEN, Belgium A century after German forces burned down the Leuven University library, Marie.

Hamas hold out for more gains in ongoing war

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Israel ended its last ground offensive in Gaza in 2009 by withdrawing unilaterally and could end the current operation in the same way. In such a scenario, Israel would avoid prolonged negotiations over easing the Gaza closure. It could hope to win several years of quiet on the Gaza border, similar to the calm following its 2006 bombing of Lebanon that deterred that country's Hezbollah militia from crossborder attacks. When Canada found itself in the fight against .

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Hamas has rejected an Egyptian plan that both sides stop fighting first and later discuss new border arrangements for Gaza. And in the coastal strip, there is support Converse Neon Pink Low Tops

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Israeli warplanes also have hit a wide range of targets in Gaza, including the homes of White Converse High Tops Womens Sale Hamas leaders and sites with no apparent connection to the group, such as a charity caring for the disabled. The Israeli military largely has refused to explain why specific targets were chosen, even as the United Nations says 75 per cent of the dead have been civilians.

Israel views the tunnels, used by Hamas for launching attacks, as a major threat. Only 17 of the more than 30 tunnels discovered so far have been demolished, suggesting that Israeli troops will need to remain in Gaza in coming days.

After Gaza's losses more than 1,000 killed, more than 6,000 wounded and hundreds of homes destroyed Hamas cannot return to the status quo ante, said Khaled Hroub, a Doha based Hamas expert.

An Israeli tank fires towards Gaza, near the Israel and Gaza border on Sunday.

With its back Converse Colors Shoes

White Converse High Tops Womens Sale

for Hamas' strategy, even among opponents of the group.

The fighting offered a chance to focus the world's attention on Converse Low Black

White Converse High Tops Womens Sale

to the wall, Hamas agreed in April to give up some power to a unity government of technocrats, headed by its former rival, West Bank based Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. But the deal faltered and by the time the war erupted, Hamas had nothing to lose.

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Hamas wants to break the seven year blockade of Gaza and believes the only way to force serious negotiations on ending the closure is to keep fighting. Israel wants more time to destroy Hamas' rocket arsenal and military tunnels and to inflict enough pain to deter the Islamic militant group from launching rocket attacks in the future. In a further complication, regional rivals have lined up on opposite sides and no trusted mediator has emerged.

White Converse High Tops Womens Sale

White Converse High Tops Womens Sale

White Converse High Tops Womens Sale

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