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The former sergeant explained that over several days of working at the scene, with the guidance of a Uof S anthropology expert, they recovered about 50 exhibits, including skeletal remains, jewellery, what was believed to be a purse and several buttons from clothing.

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Court also heard from a now retired member of the Saskatoon Police Service Identification Unit who helped with the forensic work on the case.

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Thursday afternoon saw Douglas Hales confronted with footage shot just hours after he allegedly led two men to the body of Daleen Bosse on Aug. 7, 2008.

In the footage played for the court, the undercover officer who spent the most time with Hales (referred to as the 'operator') took viewers through the events he said took place earlier that morning.

Hrycan also questioned the inducements used to keep Hales in the gang. He was paid about $6,000 for various tasks completed over three months. Hales was unemployed at the time and had a young child with medical issues who needed care. Hrycan asked the cover officer if the promise of $22,000 might have induced Hales to tell Mr. Big what he wanted to hear.

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A meeting was arranged between Hales and the 'Big Boss' at the Radisson Hotel. The undercover operative playing the boss was instructed to say that a check with the phony gang's police ties had revealed Hales was a suspect in Bosse's murder. Further, the undercover was to tell Hales police were preparing a case and were going to arrest him.

Hales had been the target of a 'Mr. Big' sting. Undercover police spent three months convincing Hales he was being groomed by a national crime syndicate. In earlier testimony, the officer in charge of the sting (referred to as the 'cover officer') said Hales confessed to Converse Shoes Sale 2018

The idea was to get Hales to divulge any involvement he might have had with the murder by suggesting the fake gang could help him get away with it.

The officer said that throughout the operation, they checked if Hales was lying based on information they knew about the suspected murder.

He said Hales took him and another officer to a decommissioned garbage dump just outside Converse Ballet Lace

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The names of all undercover personnel who worked on the Hales sting, including the operator and the cover officer, are subject to a publication ban.

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killing Bosse during an interview with the man he thought was the leader the gang.

of Martensville. Then, he showed where Hales allegedly told him he parked Daleen Bosse's car and strangled her.

to create an environment where Hales would be comfortable talking about violence.

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Defence questions cover officer

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The cover officer said the scenario was meant to bring in the idea that violence against women was acceptable to the gang the idea being to make Hales comfortable admitting to killing Bosse.

Hrycan then alleged that over the course of the sting, operators bought Hales a hooker and may have consumed marijuana with him.

In another scenario, Hales went along while another fake gang member threatened a corrupt customs agent who was supposedly trying to stop working for the gang. The cover officer said the idea was to show Hales that the gang had its hooks into law enforcement, and again All White Converse High Tops Womens

Hales trial shown video from scene of body recovery

The first half of Thursday saw the defence working on the cover officer in charge of the 'Mr. Big' sting conducted against Hales. The sting culminated with Hales being led to believe he'd be paid $22,000 to do a big job Shoes Converse Sale for the fake organisation. The only condition was he'd have to pass a check from the leader of the fake gang.

The operator said Hales told him he knew of the spot from his high school days where it was a frequent party spot for kids.

Under questioning from Hrycan, the cover officer did admit that if any of those things had happened, they most likely would have been mentioned in debriefings conducted with officers but that no notes were kept from those sessions.

In the tape, the operator said Hales told him that once he choked Bosse out, he pulled her out of the car, stomped her, then dragged her further into the old dumpsite and set her body on fire before burying her underneath an old fridge.

An aerial photo taken in 2008 showing the place where Daleen Bosse's body was found. Bryn Levy/News Talk Radio.

Hrycan asked if these types of scenarios could reasonably have made Hales fear he'd be harmed if he tried to leave the group. The officer pointed to another scenario where a gang member pretended to be caught lying to the organisation. In that scenario, the lying gang member is kicked out of the group, but isn't harmed. The officer said the idea there was to give Hales an out.

In his questioning of the cover officer on Thursday morning, defence lawyer Bob Hrycan suggested Hales could have lied when he told 'Mr. Big' about the murder, either out of fear, desperation for the money, or loyalty to his newfound 'gang.' He pointed to a scenario used during the sting where Hales witnessed a gang member beat up a woman pretending to be another gangsters' ex girlfriend.

The cover officer said that to his knowledge, neither of those things happened at that all officers, undercover or otherwise, are forbidden to use drugs.

Members of Bosse's family present at the trial were visibly upset when the officer brought up pictures of two wedding bands and a bracelet found at the scene.

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