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looked like the year the Hangout Fest arrived. It sold out its 35,000 tickets in advance, a vast improvement over a first year marred by a major oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

(Victor Calhoun, Press Register)

The logjam at the buses on the way out, particularly on day one? Zislin Converse Mens Black

think it a process, festival founder Shaul Zislin said of the effort. a learning curve for everybody involved.

The logjam at the gates on day one, as tens of thousands of patrons had to swap tickets for wristbands? This year, organizers mailed out the wristbands.

The core experience three days of hip music in a laid back oasis is the same. But signs are clear that organizers promise to make improvements isn empty talk.

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As at a few other spots, fans may notice a corporate presence. Zislin said he doesn worry about objections that he selling out, as long as sponsorship translates into content.

The capacity crowd exposed a few weak points in the festival design, but ultimately they weren serious enough to prevent post fest word of mouth from being overwhelmingly positive, as this year faster sellout proves.

The problems might have received superficial treatment. Instead it looks as if planners have made serious efforts to eradicate them.

Zislin points to other perks, such as an expanded Hammock Beach, with far more palm trees than last year version. shade is great, having shade by a green tree is better, he said.

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really believe we taken care of it, said Zislin. mark.

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Shoes Converse Blue

Shoes Converse Blue

Shoes Converse Blue

don take any credit for the booking, he said, praising HUKA Entertainment for its role in building the lineup.

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have more overflow space around its perimeter.

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Shoes Converse Blue

I can offer a patron more shade, and have Coke Zero help provide it, he said, that a bad thing?

In many ways, 2011 Converse Basketball Shoes 2018

said organizers have revamped the shuttle system from top to bottom. The confusion should be gone. The waits should be shorter, and a few perks will make them more pleasant.

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GULF SHORES, Alabama From a distance, the 2012 Hangout Music Fest might have looked like the same sand castle we saw in 2011. A closer look makes clear that somebody went and found a bigger bucket.

The crowding on the boardwalk that served as the fest major pedestrian thoroughfare was, at times, sufficient to undercut the laid back and even elegant atmosphere that organizers strive to present. The crowd density in the electronic dance tent, while also a subjective issue, likewise seemed excessive at times.

There is at least one area where Zislin defers to others.

That was then. The 2012 site has grown to Shoes Converse Blue encompass a stretch of Beach Boulevard. That, and the fact that two stages have been moved to the north side of the boulevard, would seem to virtually guarantee plenty of elbow room as the crowd moves from one show to the next. And on paper, the new Xbox Stage looks to be significantly more spacious than the old Boom Boom Room, and to Converse Silver Glitter

Hangout Fest aims to improve on 2011 experience

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