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"He was shaking the cell bars, spitting all over the cell area.''

"Given a person whose not been in trouble before goes off the dial in a big way,'' the judge said, questioning why a person would behave the way Raisanen did on June 30.

On Aug. 14, Raisanen struck the right side of his common law partner's face, causing her head to bounce off a vehicle window, after they had pulled over to the roadside during an argument.

Converse Womens High Tops

Converse Womens High Tops

He also pleaded guilty to failing to attend for fingerprints on July 14 and a domestic assault that occurred Aug. 14. on June 30, to assist a fellow officer with an impaired driver.

But that didn't stop Raisanen, who carried on yelling and spitting, hitting the officer in the face.

Kent Raisanen apparently behaves badly when he gets into the hard stuff.

a tow truck, the newly arrived officer, spotted a man sneaking up, in his words "like GI Joe,'' towards the pickup belonging to the driver.

Buttazzoni said that with the kind of behaviour Raisanen had exhibited he was wondering if some kind of mental assessment might be in order.

During his probation, Raisanen must do 75 hours of community service, undergo any recommended assessment and counselling and attend a domestic violence program.

Raisanen took off and ran toward the lake to wash his face. He encountered a couple and threatened to burn down their cottage, if they told Converse Womens High Tops police they had seen him.

"The first incident he was intoxicated. The second, there Women Converse Slip On

Converse Womens High Tops

Raisanen was hiding behind parked cars, bushes and the corner of buildings as he made his way toward the vehicle, prosecutor Kelly Weeks said.

Raisanen then "climbed on the hood and roof of the truck and yell and spit at the officer,'' Weeks said.

Converse Womens High Tops

When he was taken into custody at the Thessalon OPP detachment, officers described him as "virtually hysterical,'' Weeks said.

Converse Womens High Tops

Converse Womens High Tops

Converse Womens High Tops

When pepper spray was again deployed, Raisanen took his penis from his pants, and waving it around, screamed obscenities at the officer.

Raisanen was convicted of assaulting a police officer, causing a disturbance, committing an indecent act (exposing himself ), obstructing police and uttering threats.

Hard liquor sends man off the deep end

Defence counsel Ken Walker said his client, an apprentice carpenter, has no prior criminal record.

"He tried to remove a motor bike from the box of the truck,'' the assistant Crown attorney said.

was really no excuse for his behaviour,'' Walker said.

A nearby resident, who was doing her dishes while Raisanen was carrying on, described him as "swearing like a trooper'' and "yelling at the top of his lungs.''

As the officer approached him, Raisanen began waving his arms and spitting toward the officer, striking him in the chest area with spittle.

"When he was ordered to stop he started yelling at the officer by name and swearing at him.''

Police ultimately had to use pepper spray to get him off the roof.

suspended sentence and placed Raisanen, who spent 13 days in custody, on probation for 18 months.

Converse Womens High Tops

Converse Womens High Tops

As they waited for Converse All Black High Cut

Converse Womens High Tops

And his actions on the evening of June 30 certainly demonstrate that.

"I have to stay away from hard liquor and I'll be fine,'' Raisanen explained.

"This behaviour is bizarre,'' Ontario Court Justice Andrew Buttazzoni told the 21 year old man Thursday, after he pleaded guilty to five offences stemming from his conduct toward police and others in Bruce Mines that day.

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Another woman, who saw him pull his pants down and heard what he was telling the officer, indicated he was using language that wasn't in her vocabulary.

Converse Womens High Tops

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