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Most residents have left potential flood zones in the state's southeast corner, but some families are staying. Five homes remain occupied at Dakota Dunes as crews build levees to surround the development. A few more residents are marooning themselves a few miles upstream, where rising river water has turned the Cottonwood neighborhood from a point on the shoreline into a new island.

Converse White Low Tops Women

Lowe said some Cottonwood residents are depending on surveyor estimates to conclude that their homes will stay dry. He said he understands the wish to protect property but that no one wants to see a situation requiring an airlift rescue.

Converse White Low Tops Women

Converse White Low Tops Women

"Tourism is largely unaffected by this flooding event," Daugaard said.

"Most of the people in the affected area have moved out," Mayor Laurie Gill said. "The levees are holding, but the people have chosen to move out."

have left their homes in Pierre, Fort Pierre and the North Sioux City areas, instead of 7,000 officials said earlier.

Gov. Dennis Daugaard and other officials in a joint news conference Wednesday asked again that people evacuate, even as they acknowledged the ironies that South Dakota faces as the Missouri River rises.

Converse White Low Tops Women

The governor said that while the 58 miles of river downstream from Gavins Point Dam near Yankton is dangerous, the Lewis and Clark Recreation Area just upstream remains ideal for camping and water recreation. He compared the situation to sitting in a bathtub. If more water pours into the tub and more is released through the drain, the tub still is OK. The same is true of recreation north of the Oahe Dam, he said.

and other neighborhoods, is one of three population zones the state sees as especially vulnerable as the river rises. About 3,500 residents have left 635 homes in the Converse Shoes For Men Leather Brown

"It isn't martial law. . The only way to force them out would be for the governor to declare martial law and bring in the National Guard. We can't force folks out," Hermanson said.

"There's water all the way around. Those folks are using boats to get in and out of their homes," Hermanson said. "They told the sheriff they feel comfortable . and didn't need to leave."

hards urged to leave now

Converse White Low Tops Women

"This river is an angry river," said incident manager Joe Lowe at Dakota Dunes.

Converse White Low Tops Women

"We're very grateful. It was kind of like everybody letting their breath out," she said.

North Sioux City area, officials said.

"You've done your best. It's not worth your life," Lowe said.

Across the river, high water has isolated a few houses, Mayor Sam Tidball said. He lowered an earlier estimate on people leaving their homes. Fort Pierre has 576 buildings and 1,305 people in vulnerable areas, but the number of people to evacuate actually is closer to 450, he said.

Josh Wendling, housing association president of the Wynstone neighborhood, which has 150 homes near Dakota Dunes, said the crisis has been strangely unifying.

Emergency workers pleaded Wednesday with South Dakota residents hoping to ride out the Missouri River flood, asking them to leave their waterfront homes rather than staying to protect them.

The North Sioux City area, including Dakota Dunes, Cottonwood Converse Knit Collection

Converse White Low Tops Women

Converse White Low Tops Women

Federal officials Tuesday raised Missouri River flow to 150,000 cubic feet a second through the Oahe Dam north of Pierre. The city had a sense of relief Wednesday that it had Converse White Low Tops Women endured the moment without disaster and now everyone is ready to get back to work, Gill said.

"On the reservoirs and especially upstream from Oahe, there is really every bit as good boating and fishing," he said.

Beth Hermanson, public information officer for the state Department of Agriculture, said Union County Sheriff Dan Limoges has asked Cottonwood residents to evacuate.

Converse White Low Tops Women

Using the lower number would mean a total of about 6,000 South Dakotans Converse Hi Tops Womens

"There's a point you're going to be forced off that island," Lowe said.

In Pierre, 2,000 residents live in 800 housing units in low areas.

Converse White Low Tops Women

While Lowe talked about the angry river, Daugaard spent several minutes urging residents to promote recreation on the river.

Converse White Low Tops Women

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