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Converse White High Tops Sale

Converse White High Tops Sale

ST. PETERSBURG, FLA. Happ Wednesday afternoon it offered up a bit of gallows humour a little less than 24 hours from one horrific incident.

A few hours later, though, he was somewhat back to normal.

While Happ was on the ground, the entire stadium held its breath. Players Converse Mens High Tops

Converse White High Tops Sale

"I'm not sure I'm completely in the clear, but it looks, from everything CT scans of the brain and the neck and spine and everything, skull it looks pretty good. So I don't think there's a ton of concern. Obviously, if the symptoms change, I need to let them Converse Low Tops White On Feet

Converse White High Tops Sale

Happ was asked if while on the ground did he think he was badly hurt?

"I called my mom on the way in the ambulance," he said. "They were holding the phone up to my ear for me. I told my mom I was OK and I told her to go ahead and call everybody. I didn't really have the time. She was definitely relieved and glad to hear my voice. It was good. Like I said, I was pretty much coherent from the get go, so I feel like that was good as far as no concussion and everything."

"I feel very fortunate," Happ said. "I would like to say too that the whole baseball community has been unbelievable with the messages I'm receiving, the things people are saying and all the prayers, I really think that helped.

Converse White High Tops Sale

And that's the extent of his injuries. No serious skull fracture, not even a concussion.

His memory of what happened?

"I just remember releasing the ball, I don't remember seeing it, just an immediate loud ringing in my ear and then just pressure on my ear," he replied. "I was on the ground and that was kind of it."

Converse White High Tops Sale

His first call to family occurred in the ambulance. It was to his mother, Sue.

"I wasn't sure, I felt a lot of pressure on my ear, that's why I was holding it, I looked down and saw some blood on my hand, so I wasn't sure," he said. "Obviously with the Brandon McCarthy injury last year (McCarthy was the Oakland pitcher who was hit in the head and required surgery for a fractured skull), this type of thing is scary, you never know. But the paramedics and our trainers did a great job, they kept me comfortable and kept me calmed down."

On Wednesday, he showed a slight limp, a raw and stitched up left ear that was swollen, and a lot of moxie as he calmly answered questions about the horror show that enveloped him the day before.

Converse White High Tops Sale

"I don't (know how long he'll be out) because I need to talk to the doctor tonight about the knee," he said. "But if that checks out fine, I don't know a timetable but I'd Converse White High Tops Sale obviously like to be back as soon as possible. From what I understand, the skull will kind of heal on its own, so it shouldn't be a thing that's too much of a setback. I'm just hoping and continuing to pray that the knee's intact."

But here he was, back inside Tropicana Field, calmly answering questions as if he were talking about an afternoon stroll in the park.

Converse White High Tops Sale

"I think you've just got to get back out there and try to forget about it," he said of getting back on the hill. "I won't know till I'm up there but I don't anticipate it being a problem."

Happ feels 'fortunate' after scary injury

"Happ's a tough guy, he really is," Gibbons said. "I got a chance to see him at the hospital (after the game). I walked in, he was on his feet moving around, eating. It shocked me. I didn't think that was going to happen."

Converse White High Tops Sale

know, but I think they're pretty confident that things will be fine."

Then there is the fear factor, but Happ doesn't think it will be an issue.

had tears in their eyes and many if not all were offering silent prayers.

Happ nearly had his head taken off by a line drive Converse Chuck Ii Blue

The fact that his injuries are as light as they are is miraculous given how hard the ball slammed into the left side of his head.

off the bat of Desmond Jennings Tuesday in the second inning of the Blue Jays' game against the Tampa Bay Rays.

"When everybody saw it (Tuesday) night it was scary, it could have been really bad," Blue Jays manager John Gibbons said. hit you in the head.

Converse White High Tops Sale

He added he'll be sticking in the area as doctors don't want him flying and would like to monitor him for a few days. But he believes he's out of the woods.

Oddly enough, it is his right knee that Happ is most concerned about. In falling to the ground he twisted back on it and collapsed.

"It looks like I moved just a little bit, I don't remember doing that, but it looks like just enough that it must have caught me in a better spot. I got some stitches and there's a fracture in the bone in my skull behind my ear. But it's not serious or threatening, we'll let those heal. I tweaked my knee at some point coming down."

Converse White High Tops Sale

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