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So Meckley asked Tessier to haul the suitcase to the transaction point on Prince Arthur Street. It not known whether Tessier was aware of the suitcase contents.

Converse White High Tops Mens

Converse White High Tops Mens

Meanwhile, the youth had arrived at the home of a friend where the assailant spilled out the circumstances of the attack.

Converse White High Tops Mens

Now unconscious, Tessier was brought to Cornwall Community Hospital by Converse High Cut Red

During the next hour, he changed Converse Dainty Leather Review

Tryon would eventually be charged with accessory to a murder a charge that was later dropped but pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice in November 2012.

Tessier arrived at 4 McConnell to Converse Dainty Black

Converse White High Tops Mens

But at some point between the theft and the transport, the youth had discovered his cache of smokes had been taken.

Blanchard described the knife as eight centimetres long and 2.2 centimetres in width.

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Meckley and an unidentified accomplice had stolen it from a basement room at 4 McConnell Ave., where it was stowed away by a 17 year old youth Meckley knew.

Around mid afternoon, the youth apparently spotted Tessier walking southbound on Prince Arthur.

Guilty plea in Tessier murder

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The scene was witnessed by two women, including a relative of Meckley who the Crown suspects might have been one of the buyers.

The youth then fled while Tessier stumbled to a home at 24 Prince Arthur St. where he was attended to by a Samaritan. unsuccessfully tried to follow the assailant, but lost sight of him.

his clothing and contacted his girlfriend at the time, Amanda Tryon, and instructed her to dispose of the murder weapon.

take the suitcase from Meckley and walked along city streets to the meeting place. Meckley, meanwhile, used the nearby bike path avoid detection and not raise suspicions to reach the same destination.

Tessier responded by kicking the youth in the shin.

all accounts, simultaneously (the youth) pulls a knife from his pocket and struck, in a single motion, Tessier in the left side of his upper chest area, Blanchard read.

John Paul Tessier, 32, was caught in the crossfires of a contraband tobacco sale gone wrong, according to a statement of facts read in court by co counsel, assistant Crown attorney Isabel Blanchard.

An argument erupted as the youth demanded to know the contents of the suitcase Tessier had been towing.

Converse White High Tops Mens

Converse White High Tops Mens

The youth then got a lift by an acquaintance, who was unaware of the incident, to a waterfront home along County Road 2. From there he was ferried across the St. Lawrence River to another location in Snye, Que, where he hid out for a week.

was upset and (went) looking for the responsible party, Blanchard told Justice Johanne Lafrance Cardinal.

ambulance where he died from massive bleeding.

Once Meckley had secured the tobacco Converse White High Tops Mens and found a buyer, he devised a plan that would not link him to the theft.

Converse White High Tops Mens

Tessier refused to divulge the contents, causing the youth to lunge for the suitcase.

He caught up with Tessier, with Meckley arriving shortly afterwards outside a Prince Arthur street home.

Converse White High Tops Mens

Converse White High Tops Mens

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