Converse Unisex Canvas Sneakers

Converse Unisex Canvas Sneakers

Today we have better fare: Guardians of the Galaxy, a movie that made it completely clear in the trailers that it doesn take itself seriously. That an important trait in an action movie where two of the leads are a talking raccoon demolitionist and a sentient tree that only speaks three words. After a brief intro scene of dramatic back story that makes you wonder if you watching the wrong film we launched forward 26 years to the present day to see what become of Peter Quill, our protagonist. What follows is something I never actually seen on the big screen that completely destroys any lingering melancholy from the intro.

Converse Unisex Canvas Sneakers

WARNING: Plot Spoilers Ahead!!!

Converse Unisex Canvas Sneakers

Converse Unisex Canvas Sneakers

Converse Unisex Canvas Sneakers

Converse Unisex Canvas Sneakers

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All told, this movie is 121 minutes of ridiculous fun with one of the better soundtracks I ever heard. It gets my full approval and you should go watch it. Also, it has Karen Gillan, which is more than motivation enough to Converse Unisex Canvas Sneakers see it in my book.

Converse Unisex Canvas Sneakers

4 hours ago

of the Interwebs. Full disclosure: this is actually the second movie I gone to see for the sake of reviewing, the first was Lucy and that didn go so well. Suffice it to say that I didn enjoy it and I strongly suggest watching something like Hercules instead.

I spent four paragraphs avoiding talking about much of the plot because, honestly, Converse Limited Edition Shoes

Converse Unisex Canvas Sneakers

Be sure to stay up late after the Seahawks game for a special edition of Fox 1st at 10 :) . See MoreSee Less

Converse Unisex Canvas Sneakers

Guardians is not a complicated movie. Scrappy outlaws band together to fight a big bad. The motivations and personalities of every character is clearly established early on: Quill is essentially Han Solo and every scoundrel hero you ever seen, Gamorra is the femme fatalle badass with a tortured past she bottled up, Rocket is the victim of inhumane experiments that left him with a huge chip on his shoulder and a bit of an inferiority complex, Drax is a musclebound wrecking ball who takes every sentence literally, and Groot is Groot. Much like The Avengers, Guardians Converse Shoes New

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Converse Unisex Canvas Sneakers

spends much of the early acts having the characters spend more time fighting each other instead of working against the actual genocidal fanatic reaping a swathe of destruction in his hunt for them and the mystic mcguffin they carrying (spoiler to pretty much no one: it an Infinity Stone).

Greetings Fans of Fox, I Dan, the new movie review blogger on this little chunk Converse Low Cut For Girls With Designs

there isn a whole lot of it. Good guys acquire the mcguffin, they figure out what it is, bad guy gets the mcguffin and gains phenomenal cosmic powers, good guys band together to get the mcguffin back, save the day and kill the bad guy. Along the way we get some fantastic set pieces, ridiculous outfits, and hilarious one liners, as well as a jaw dropping after credits cameo that probably leave half the viewers scratching their heads in confusion as to who the character is, and the other half simply confused that they chose to have him show up.

Guardians of the Galaxy PG

Also standing out is Michael Rooker as Yondu, Quill abductor/surrogate father/secondary antagonist for much of the movie. He a sort of pirate king running a band called Ravagers that apparently large enough to be known to the galaxy as a whole yet small enough that the entire fleet can spend its time running after a single renegade member. The relationship between Yondu and Quill is hilariously twisted, with Yondu repeatedly bragging about how he didn let his men eat the younger Quill when they first picked him up (though it revealed that they were actually there because they been hired to abduct him as cargo for his father).

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Converse Unisex Canvas Sneakers

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