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Pelletier responded to the outburst by noting that while the public is allowed to be a part of the justice process, "most important is that order is maintained."

Guilty plea in stabbing death at T

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Friends and family of Lemoyre were also in court on Monday.

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The attacker, dressed in a blue shirt and grey suit, quietly said the facts were correct.

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The former student's parents also provided a letter to the court, which Pelletier read out.

While the charges and response were read out, the accused's father loudly asked him not to plead.

court proceedings to defend his friend. He said the former student was bullied for a long time, leading him to act irrationally.

"(He) has suffered through his whole Converse Uk Mens life from Aspergers," said the letter, explaining that the form of autism led to a very close relationship between parents and son. "The court should look at a not criminally responsible case even if the defence does not."

at the St. Lawrence College campus.

A young man also spoke up during Converse Ballet White

The letter also claimed that the admitted killer isn't properly represented by defence lawyer Jeffrey Schroeder and only pled guilty to avoid sitting through a trial.

A pre sentencing hearing is set for next March, with nine days blocked off in June for the Crown and defense to argue their cases on what should happen next.

"You realize that by pleading guilty, you're agreeing to the fact that you did it; you're admitting . . . that you meant to," said Justice Robert Pelletier.

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"If he doesn't qualify under the provincial directive, I'll still be seeking a youth sentence," said Schroeder.

Pelletier said there will be assessments and psychiatric testing done before sentencing is handed out, and it all of it will influence the decision.

"Yes. I went in there with the intention to kill," responded the young man from the prisoner's box.

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to look at the circumstances for why he did it," said the man.

Though the Crown will argue for an adult sentence for the man, Schroeder is aiming for an intensive rehabilitation custody supervision, or IRCS, sentence under the Youth Criminal Justice Act, which has some conditions including a mental disorder or illness and a treatment plan.

He then dropped the weapon and left, only to be confronted by other students in the parking lot. He took off his shirt and challenged them to a fight before taking off down the bike path.

"(He) has been taken away from us at the age of 17," he said.

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"I have to consider everything," he said. "The entire picture will be vetted very carefully."

Originally Nov. 8 was supposed to be the start of a first degree murder trial for the 20 year old, who can't be identified because he was a youth at the time of the incident, but instead he admitted he planned on killing 16 year old Albert Lemoyre with a knife. Leger School of Adult, Alternative and Continuing Education together Converse High Heels

"You have Converse Trainers Ladies

Leger School in May 2008 pled guilty to second degree murder on Monday.

Lemoyre died of his wounds in hospital later that day.

The man's father later stood up and told the judge he doesn't feel he has been able to participate in the process enough and wished for access to his son, who remains in custody at a youth facility.

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Police were called and they arrested the man on the path near McConnell Avenue.

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On May 12, 2008, the two argued during a class break and had to be separated by other students. The then 17 year old left the area but returned to interrupt Lemoyre's math class, corner him and stab him in the neck and back with a large knife.

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