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Mars, which makes Big Red, Doublemint, Juicy Fruit and Orbit, Converse Uk Childrens is testing illuminated racks in candy aisles to make its gum and candy stand out more. The company said the racks have led to a 10 to 30 percent sales increase in tests.

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From designer mints to fruit chews, candy companies have invented plenty of other ways to get a sugar fix or battle bad breath and anxiety. The alternatives don't come with gum's unpleasant characteristics either, like the question of whether to spit out or gulp the remains. They're also less likely to annoy parents, co workers or romantic interests. in its modern form in the 1860s, according to Mars Inc., the No. 1 player in the market with its Wrigley unit.

Hershey, which makes Reese's, Kit Kat and Almond Joy, is taking data to retailers to illustrate the slowing demand for gum. The idea is to encourage them to devote less of their candy aisles to it, and perhaps make way for more of its own products. Hershey, which also makes Ice Breakers mints and gum, is Converse Sale Uk 7

Converse Uk Childrens

Over the next five years, Euromonitor projects gum sales will drop another 4 percent to $3.56 billion.

Gum's bad image is one reason that alternatives look more attractive. who has stopped chewing gum in favor of chewy candies and chocolates.

But gum's image as a tasteless habit also stuck.

In this Oct. 24, 2010, file photo, a garbage bin sits full of bubble gum, at Yankee Stadium, in New York. sales tumbling 11 percent over the past four years.

Converse Uk Childrens

Converse Uk Childrens

Converse Uk Childrens

It may be why Mars said its gum declines have been most significant with people who are 25 and younger. In the meantime, Altoids mints, Welch's Fruit Snacks and countless other options have taken up space in the checkout aisles where most gum is purchased. gum sales have fallen 11 percent to $3.71 billion last year, according to market researcher Euromonitor Converse Black High Tops Mens

Converse Uk Childrens

Converse Uk Childrens

Converse Uk Childrens

Converse Uk Childrens

Gum makers are strategizing too. The maker of Trident, whose total gum sales were down as much as 16 percent in developed markets at one point last year, has an online campaign reminding people to run through the mental checklist before leaving the house: "phone, keys, gum."

planning another blow against gum: This fall, it's slated to roll out a version of Ice Breakers that "chews like a gum, but dissolves like a mint."

Steven Schiller, global head of Hershey's non chocolate candies including mints, said it gives gum chewers an alternative that doesn't require "disposal" at the end.

"We know when people have gum in their pocket or backpack or desk, they're much more likely to chew it," said Stephanie Wilkes, who heads the North American candy business for Mondelez, the No. 2 player in gum with Trident, Dentyne and Bubbalicious.

And after years of slowly vanishing from shelves, Bazooka bubble gum last year relaunched its brand with new marketing and packaging. Distribution has since rebounded. This material may not Converse Shoes High Tops Pink

International. That's even as overall candy sales including gum, chocolate, mints and licorice have climbed 10 percent to $31.53 billion.

Gum sales down 11 percent since 2009

No one in the industry can pinpoint a single factor that's causing the decline the theories include an unwillingness to shell out $2 or more for a pack in the bad economy or that advertising veered too far from underlining gum's cavity fighting benefits. But the biggest reason may be that people simply have more to chew on.

Over the years, gum makers positioned it as a way to "Kiss a Little Longer" in the famous Big Red jingle, quit smoking, curb cravings or just make the chewer happier. Catchy slogans or characters included the "Doublemint Twins" and Orbit's blonde spokeswoman who ends commercials with "Dirty mouth? Clean it up."

Converse Uk Childrens

Converse Uk Childrens

Converse Uk Childrens

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