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lacking. He said it's really important everybody does it the same way every time.

The unit that had the lowest percentage of compliance was Victoria Hospital's Emergency Department, a unit that is often at overcapacity, with only 23 per cent. On the other end of the spectrum the Public Health passed with flying colours, standing Converse Trainers Womens at a 96 per cent compliance rate.

In addition to the training and another audit schedule in a few months, Chokani said they are asking any patient to join the initiative.

The results of an audit conducted in May throughout the PAPHR on hand hygiene "leave a lot of room for improvement in the use of this critical control method," according to an article posted in the PAPHR August 2014 Inside the Region newsletter.

"It's a concern because I'm trying to find out and trying to work out what can we do from where it is being done well, how can we extend that to the other areas where they're not doing as well," said medical health officer Dr. Khami Chokani.

Standing at an average hand hygiene compliance rate in the fiftieth percentile could be shocking when one compares it to the Saskatoon Health Region. According to a similar audit done in July 2014, that health region has an average 85 per cent compliance rate.

"People mustn't be surprised when they see big posters asking them to please ask. Don't feel intimidated that 'oh no, I'm going to get bad service if I ask them whether Converse Classic Low Cut

Converse Trainers Womens

they washed their hands.' I think that is what we all should be doing."

"That's the only we're going to continue to improve the way we're doing it."

"Some (workers) were shocked (at the results). Some said well they sort of, kind of, thought it was (likely), and some felt it was no, they felt it was sort of unfair," he said.

"To actually pinpoint one of them I think would be unfortunate, but rather we need to look at it like a whole process, a whole system thing that we have to do," he said.

Chokani is unsure of the exact reason as to why the PAPHR hand washing compliance rates have gone down over the years, saying there are number of things that have played a part in it such as complacency or lack of training.

Converse Trainers Womens

It's something you learn at a young age to maintain a healthy life, but a recent hand washing audit in the Prince Albert Parkland Health Region (PAPHR) shows it's more than just running your hands under water.

Converse Trainers Womens

every acute care department, rural and long term care facilities conducted observations within their workplace. It was found that hand hygiene practices were followed correctly only 54.4 per cent of the time. This is down from 60.6 per cent in 2012 and 74 per cent in 2010.

Chokani said the PAPHR has already informally started to make changes to ensure each staff member is properly following the hand washing process before and after interacting with a patient, but he said they will officially be kicking off the initiative at the end of the month.

Now that the PAPHR has these statistics, it has decided to conduct hands on, ongoing orientations to improve hand washing skills. Although there are hand hygiene stations at various locations throughout the Region, Chokani explained that usage has to be interspersed with soap and water.

The actual act of hand washing is not the problem, according to Chokani, but the thoroughness and process of it is Converse Heels For Kids

Converse Trainers Womens

"For us to achieve that we need also the buy in from our patients, the community as well. So that if they see somebody who is coming to provide care to them or they're seeing someone who is providing care to a loved one, we want people to feel free to ask that care provider have you washed your hands," he said.

Converse Trainers Womens

Converse Trainers Womens

"It is more for us, ourselves, looking at ways which we can continue to provide safer patients care, safer employee health conditions in an environment. It has been part of our internal process as well because as a result of this audit we had in May we're going to do another one in November," he said.

Converse Trainers Womens

Converse Trainers Womens

Some of the results posted by the PAPHR from the audit were not passing grades.

Hand washing in Prince Albert health region barely passes

In the audit, two trained representatives from Converse Shoes New Designs

"Anyone can go and put soap and water on their hands or go and put [hand sanitizer gel] on their hands, but it's how you put it and which parts of the hands are covered," he said, adding things like washing under the fingernails, the backs of hands, as well as thumbs can be often overlooked.

The audit reviewed the process in which health care providers washed their hands both before and after interacting with a patient. Chokani stressed proper hand washing technique is shown to be highly effective when providing protection to both patients and health care workers.

Converse Trainers Womens

Converse Trainers Womens

Converse Trainers Womens

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