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"In any criminal trial, you have a victim and his or her family who could be affected by publication of the details of a case, but if we're going to respect the general principle of openness of our court system, that can't be sufficient grounds to order a publication ban."

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The media are the surrogates of the public in the courtroom, said lawyer Sean Sinclair, who represented , the CBC and Global Saskatoon at the hearing.

to other people," he said. The Supreme Court of Canada has consistently upheld the principle of openness in the courts, Allbright noted.

Pauliuk said he was addicted to drugs and alcohol but he was "pretty straight and sober" in 2004 and 2005, when he would just "do a little cocaine, that's it."

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A couple weeks later, he recognized the woman on a missing person poster that was hung in the entryway of the nightclub, he told court.

It would open the door for a ban on virtually any case, he added.

Pauliuk is now serving a twoyear conditional sentence for defrauding Workers' Compensation of more than $20,000.

"There's a real slippery slope that's created by that."

Shawn Pauliuk testified Monday at the first degree murder trial of Hales, who is accused of killing Daleen Kay Bosse, 26, on Tuesday, May 1 8 , 2004 and of offering an indignity to human remains by setting her body on fire.

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Original source article:Hales seen at club with victim

Converse Silver Sparkle Trainers

Converse Silver Sparkle Trainers

Earlier Monday, Justice Gerald Allbright dismissed an application from the victim's family for a publication ban on details of the crime.

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Converse Silver Sparkle Trainers

Pauliuk said Hales had, sometime prior to Bosse's disappearance, told him Converse Navy Leather

Allbright said he has sympathy for the family's feelings, but their request for what amounts to a "secret trial" would prevent the community from knowing if justice was being served.

Pauliuk said he knew it was a Tuesday because that was the night of the week when reggae and hip hop music were featured.

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Defence lawyer Bob Hrycan called Pauliuk's credibility into question during a detailed examination of his more than two dozen convictions for fraud and theft, dating back to 1996 and continuing to the present.

The way Hales said it sounded racist, Pauliuk said.

"People care about what happens in the community, they care about what happens Converse High Heels Boots

Pauliuk said he and a third doorman asked Hales if Converse Mint Green High Tops

"Difficulties can come up as the result of publication of sensitive information, but that's the price we pay for having an open court system," Sinclair said.

When Pauliuk pleaded guilty in April 2013, he admitted working and fighting in mixed martial arts matches in 2008 and 2009, while he was collecting lost wage benefits because of a back injury.

Douglas Hales arrives at Court of Queen's Bench on Monday. Hales, come to the club with an aboriginal woman on a Tuesday night in Converse Silver Sparkle Trainers May 2004.

it was the woman he had brought to the club. Hales said yes and added that he had taken her home after they left the club, he said.

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and the third doorman that he would like to hook up with an aboriginal girl.

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Hales seen at club with victim

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