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GUILLEM SAYS: It was a collective effort. Everybody played better when the full backs went forward, the wingers came inside and ran in behind defenders, and the passes were much sharper. You had a Messi who had more chances to do his thing, so we can't point out one person but it is clear he is changing as a player. 2010 was four years ago, he has had an injury and he is aware he has to choose his runs. Funnily enough, he is doing approximately the same number of sharp, electric runs as he used to do but he touches the Converse Shoes White Leather ball less and moves less. I still think Bayern are favourites as they have improved their football from last season and are a better team but winning titles depends on a lot of things.

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IndividualsClearly they didn't prepare anything for Valladolid partly, of course, because most of the players were on international duty and they didn't know how their opposition played.

They thought, as they have all season, that with their usual way of playing that one or two of the individuals would come out and they would beat anybody.

the stars, possibly Dani Alves or Alexis Sanchez, but NOT Lionel Messi, who has NOT received an offer from Manchester City.

But there is not just one single thing wrong with Barcelona.

Hi Guillem. I recently re watched the 5 0 Clasico from 2010 to see the difference in Barcelona's play from one of their finest performances compared to now. I couldn't help but notice that Messi's work rate has tapered in recent seasons. He no longer presses high or makes any runs into the channels. Is this concern for his fitness on Barcelona's part or an attitude change from Messi?Dave

Converse Shoes White Leather

Converse Shoes White Leather

The reaction from the media in Barcelona to the team's weekend defeat to Valladolid has been surprisingly extreme.

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The finger of blame is being pointed at the Barcelona players when two weeks ago when they lost to Real Sociedad it was being pointed at the manager.

Converse Shoes White Leather

Converse Shoes White Leather

Converse Shoes White Leather

Converse Shoes White Leather

Guillem Balague says Camp Nou side will buy in bulk in summer transfer window

Converse Shoes White Leather

They include perhaps Converse Rainbow Boots

There will be changes, with four or five players coming in and going straight into the line up.

Converse Shoes White Leather

There are big decisions that need to be taken with regards to the squad for next season, too.


The media normally backs the team but on this occasion the cover story of Sport said the players threw the league and they are embarrassed.

If the first goal is scored early by City, anything can happen because the confidence is waning for Barcelona and you will be able to feel the tension. If there is a change of president I don't think Martino will be there but there may not be elections.

Converse Shoes White Leather

There is a lack of leadership on the bench, on the pitch and at the club so they are trying to find their feet, and what we are seeing is a team that is far too relaxed they are a side without intensity and with few demands tactically and physically.

The players have been rotated but do not find themselves sharp and all that points to the methodology and training during the week.

Valladolid played two strikers Javi Guerra and Manucho versus two centre backs against Barcelona and they held the ball well when it went long.

have to want possession, to be the protagonists, to attack from minute one without fear and to not show the excessive respect they showed in the first leg.

I do not know why Manchester City did not do that in the first leg of their Champions League tie.

They needed to come out with two tall strikers, like Alvaro Negredo and Edin Dzeko; put Barcelona under pressure; and keep the ball, and they are going to have to do all of that to win on Wednesday.

Converse Shoes White Leather

Converse Shoes White Leather

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