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Converse Shoes Price

Zagar and Nicholls combined for a heat 13 maximum, but that still left the Aces 28 points behind the Hammers, who saw Bridger and Ellis team up for a 4 2 in the penultimate race of the night.

Lakeside Hammers smashed Belle Vue at the Purfleet Raceway to remain in second place in the Elite League table and maintain their play off hopes.

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Converse Shoes Price

That left the visitors with no tactical rides remaining for the rest of the meeting and Hammers kept on extending their advantage after Converse Fashion Style Men

in heat 10 and 11, won by Watt and Bech, left the scoreline at 50 16 in their, before Belle Vue finally got a race win on the board in a re run heat 12, as Worrall held off Morley.

Hammers: Davey Watt 9 (4), Richard Lawson 6+1 (4), Mikkel Bech 10+2 (4), Lewis Bridger Converse Dainty Ox Womens

And the two sides meet again on Monday in front of the Sky TV cameras, with Hammers hoping to continue their good form as they bid for a second away victory of the season.

The home side completely destroyed the Aces in the first eight races of the meeting, as they picked up seven 5 1s and a 4 2 heat advantage, to create a 20 point difference between the two sides.

Another Zagar and Nicholls 5 1 rounded off the racing, but proved little consolation to a well beaten Aces.

Bech and Bridger left him standing at the gate, though, in another Hammers 5 1 before Ellis and Lawson added another maximum.

Mikkel Bech who finished with a four ride paid maximum and Peter Karlsson dominated heat three, after Bech rounded Scott Nicholls to follow the veteran Swede home, before Lewis Bridger passed former Hammer Richie Worrall to win heat four.

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Two more Hammers 4 2s Converse High Tops Sale White

a re run heat nine was shared following the exclusion of Ellis.

Hammers deal Aces a trashing

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Nicholls came out as a tactical in heat eight, battling with Bridger throughout as Bech sped clear before the hosts recorded yet another 5 1.

11+1 (5), Peter Karlsson 8+1 (5), Ben Morley 8+1 (4), Adam Ellis 6+1 (4).

Watt and Karlsson claimed a heat five maximum before Belle Vue used Matej Zagar as a tactical Converse Shoes Price substitute in heat six.

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