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Grimes said he gave the gun to Belair at no charge, though he had acquired it from a neighbour in exchange for just over three grams of cocaine.

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After Converse Shoes Orange the murders, Dion said he received a phone call from Belair, who asked if he'd heard about what had happened. Dion hadn't, but soon went online to find out.


Guns in murder case traced to alleged drug Converse Dark Red Low

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Caenon Grimes, who also claimed to be a drug associate of Belair's, took the witness stand Monday to testify about how he hooked Belair up with the Smith Wesson, stamped as a former OPP pistol.

who they each said asked them to find handguns for him, but didn't say why.

Dion testified that he had a longtime friend who had been looking to sell the Rossi handgun, which he partially identified for the court. Acting as middleman, Dion said Belair bought the pistol for Shoes Converse White

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Police later recovered the guns from the St. Lawrence River with assistance from Belair, who was 39 at the time of the murders.

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"His crack shop had gotten robbed," Dion said. "He went out and got a shotgun. It was protection for the guy who was guarding the house."

Grimes said he gave Belair the gun at a house in Martintown.

"Dealing weed is one thing, but when you get into murders that's a whole other ballgame," Dion testified.

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Converse Shoes Orange

That day, Cornwall Island cousins Jade and Peter Benedict were found shot to death in a Tenth Street parking lot in what the Crown believes was a drug money ripoff scheme.

Dion said that when Belair later showed up at his place of business, he told Belair that he'd heard things about his potential involvement with the murders. At that point, Dion said he cut off ties with Belair.

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The Crown contends that the marijuana never existed in the first place.

Dion told the court that Belair had also acquired a shotgun for an Alice Street residence.

In opening statements, the Crown said Belair cut a deal in which he pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of aggravated assault for his role on July 16. He was sentenced to three years in prison and was recently released.

The two local men claimed to have dealt cocaine and marijuana acquired through Roger Belair, Shoes Converse For Men

Dion's recollections on the witness stand are for the case of Jason Maestrello, who is currently on trial for both the murders and the attempted murder from July 16, 2005.

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The court has heard that the guns acquired by Belair, which included a .38 caliber Rossi and Smith Wesson, as well as a sawed off shotgun, have been linked to the victims through ballistic evidence.


Two witnesses testified Monday about how an alleged drug supplier in Cornwall obtained three guns in 2005, which the Crown now believes to be connected to a double murder and attempted murder from that summer.

Though he didn't know his name at the time, Grimes said Maestrello was there, too, a point corroborated on the witness stand Monday by Grimes' roommate.

The court has heard how Belair allegedly supplied drugs to Maestrello and his associates.

The Crown has also stated that Belair is expected to testify at the trial about his role in the shooting deaths and the attempted murder. According to the Crown, Maestrello and his associates allegedly threatened harm to Belair's family, unless he gunned down drug middleman Andy Paul, who had cut a secondary deal for the Benedicts' marijuana.

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