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Converse Shoes New Designs

Defense lawyer Morris Bodnar asked her why tests Black Converse High Tops Womens Cheap

It was revealed during day two of the second degree murder trial of Enock Quewezance. He's accused of killing 26 year old Ernest Taypotat, whose body was found in the early morning hours of Aug. 28, 1992 beside a car in the 400 block of Avenue T South.

Converse Shoes New Designs

But defense lawyer Morris Bodnar asked Mattson why no police photos taken at the scene appeared to show Taypotat clutching the hair.

He also said he observed that the victim had been clutching "obvious hair" in his hand.

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He testified that no other evidence was found in the area. On the first day of Quewezance's trial, Taypotat's wife testified that her husband had been drinking with relatives the night before he was killed.

Norman Mattson, investigator with the Saskatoon Police Service, testified Tuesday morning at Saskatoon's Court of Queen's Bench. He said Taypotat was covered in blood with stab wounds in his abdomen and chest when he was found lying in the Pleasant Hill neighbourhood street.

A blood sample was then taken from Quewezance, who was an inmate at the Prince Albert Penitentiary, and was sent for DNA analysis. Blomquist told the court that it confirmed the database match was correct.

Converse Shoes New Designs

Converse Shoes New Designs

A knife found near Taypotat's body and shoes belonging to Reynold Assiniboine were also sent for DNA analysis, but according to Blomquist either none was found or the results were inconclusive.

Converse Shoes New Designs

Instead, he described Taypotat's fingers as being "pried apart" and the hair removed. Mattson replied that it was possible the photos were out of sequence or only taken after the hair was removed from what he described as Taypotat's "clenched" hand.

When Bodnar pointed out that a fingerprint smudge still contains DNA, Mattson replied that testing is "way better now than it was 20 years ago," adding that he did not know it was possible to test a fingerprint smudge at that time.

She testified that evidence included hair found in Taypotat's hand, on his face, underneath his body and in a pool of blood. The hair from his hand and face generated a DNA "hit" or match from the offender database, indicating that the hair belonged to Quewezance.

done on blood collected from the crime scene was found to have no human DNA.

"I find that unusual, yes," Blomquist replied.

The case went cold in 1993 after a first degree murder charge against the victim's cousin, Reynold Gene Assiniboine, was dropped. Police reopened the case in 2011, Converse Chucks White

Converse Shoes New Designs

A Saskatoon murder trial has learned that new DNA evidence involving hair found in the hand of a stabbing victim in 1992 led police to charge a man with murder 20 years later.

"Don't you find that odd?" Bodnar asked.

found in victim's hand led to charge in historic murder case

Converse Shoes New Designs

sending several pieces of the original evidence to Converse Shoes New Designs the RCMP forensic lab for retesting according to Sgt. Sharon Blomquist with the Saskatoon Police Service's forensic identification unit.

Converse Shoes New Designs

Converse Shoes New Designs

Converse Shoes New Designs

Both the car that was parked near Taypotat's body and a beer bottle found down the street were tested for fingerprints, but were inconclusive because they were smudged, Mattson told the court.

Converse Shoes New Designs

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