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"This is a budget that recognizes the reality of the magnitude of our fiscal challenges, the dangerous world we live in, and the American military unique and indispensable role in the security of this country and in today volatile world," Hagel said in unveiling the Defense Department spending plan for 2015 and beyond.

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Converse Shoes High Cut

All military forces, both active and reserve, would be cut under the budget plan.

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In recent years, Republican hawks have battled military force reductions under President Barack Obama attempts to reduce defense spending as part of overall deficit reduction.

Separately, Hagel said 900 additional Marines would be assigned to bolster security at embassies around the world under his proposal.

Retired Army Gen. George Joulwan, a former NATO supreme allied commander in Europe, said he thought the changes were necessary.

The proposal endorsed Monday by Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey, who appeared with Hagel at the Pentagon news conference, is certain to face strong opposition in Congress especially with midterm elections coming up in November.

WASHINGTON (CNN) Get real, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel told America on Monday in proposing a scaled back, modern military that would cut the Army to its pre World War II size, retire the A 10 "Warthog" attack jet and reduce some benefits for fighting forces.

modernization and budget constraints began under Hagel predecessor, Robert Gates, and the proposal outlined on Monday described a new phase in the transition.

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Retired NATO commander: It necessary

Downsizing due to Men Converse Sneakers

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He added that the proposal includes "important investments to preserve a safe, secure, reliable, and effective nuclear force."

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The recommendations in the budget plan for 2015 and ensuing years "favor a smaller and more capable force putting a premium on rapidly deployable, self sustaining platforms that can defeat more technologically advanced adversaries," Hagel said.

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"Our analysis showed that this force would be capable of decisively defeating aggression in one major combat theater as it must be while also defending the homeland and supporting air and naval forces engaged Converse Shoes High Cut in another theater against an adversary," he said.

"It going to be a far slimmer military," noted CNN Military Analyst and retired Maj. Gen. James "Spider" Marks, predicting a rough reception in Washington. "This is the toughest part the political part."

"For the first time in 13 years we will be presenting a budget to the Congress of the United States that not a war footing budget," Hagel said in response to reporters questions. "That a defining budget because it starts to reset and reshape."

about 520,000.

Hagel tells nation in proposing military cuts

For now, the Pentagon budget for the rest of this fiscal year and for 2015 is about $500 billion for each, as set by a congressional compromise in December.

Hagel budget will be formally proposed next week and legislators from states or districts with major military bases or a heavy presence of contractors are expected to rail against it.

Conservative Sen. shift in emphasis to the Asia Pacific region, saying it "does not make strategic sense."

"Not a war footing budget"

better situated to respond to the evolving security challenges facing the country.

Under it, the former senator from Nebraska said the military would become a smaller, more tactical force capable of fighting on one war front and maintaining effective defenses for a second while shifting to more specialized capabilities.

"Whether it smart or not is yet to be seen. But I think it necessary to do, given the constraints that we face fiscally within the United States," he told CNN.

It calls for reducing the Army to a level of 440,000 to 450,000 troops, which would be the lowest total in more than 70 years. At its height, the Army had 570,000 troops after the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, and currently has Converse Knit Collection

Converse Shoes High Cut

Hagel acknowledged the changes he proposed mean assuming more risk, but said the military would be Converse For Kids

Also, Hagel said the plan envisions increasing special operations forces from 66,000 today to 69,700 in the future to better meet tactical needs of a modern military requiring counterterrorism and crisis response.

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