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When it comes to the top reasons that guys get in trouble at school, impressing girls should be high up on the list.


Converse Sale Size 4

This brings us to the back to school edition of my weekly gadget list. No, it won't prevent you from falling into a fish filled body of water or using your face to break your fall. But it hopefully will make your transition back to the hallowed halls of academia a little bit easier.

Guys Impressing Girls

Converse Sale Size 4

For example, I remember this poor anonymous sap I'll call him Hason Jidalgo to protect his identity falling into a fish pond during fisheries class after trying to help a female classmate. What a clumsy yet undoubtedly good looking doofus that guy was.

Converse Sale Size 4

Then there was this other dude who may or may not be my brother slamming face first into my car window after slipping on a rain soaked hill on campus as he tried to do a cool strut in front of a cute student.

For students, however, the Bodyguard comes with some handy extra features. Like the RAVPower Luster, it comes with a built in LED flashlight for times when you need some illumination. What sets the Bodyguard apart from regular chargers, however, is its 110 decibel panic alarm. That's the same volume as a rock concert according to the Internet, where everything that's posted must be true. It's certainly a nice feature to have in case you're being tailed by some creep.

Case in point: My first car was a smoking hot literally Converse Purple Suede

Converse Sale Size 4

Converse Sale Size 4

Converse Sale Size 4

Cost: $35Store files and stream media from your phone or tablet with the Connect Wireless Media Drive.

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You can even use it to charge your smartphone, tablet or other portable device via USB when your car doesn't need it.

thought the tree I parked next to caught on fire. Let's Converse New Release

For most students with old cars, however, a more common issue is the dead battery. Although most jump starters won't fit in your backpack, alternatives such as the JunoJUMPR break the mold. This 6,000 milliamp hour (mAh) gadget can bring a dead battery back to life in minutes so you can move on to worrying about other things, like passing your next smog check after your car mistakenly causes people to think that a tree is on fire.

At first glance the Champ Bodyguard Battery's 2,200 mAh capacity doesn't seem particularly impressive especially when compared to alternatives like the 7,000 mAh Snow Lizard SLPower. Yes, the Bodyguard can fully charge an iPhone but it falls short when it comes to sending juice to a Samsung Galaxy S5.

1970s Honda Civic that once attracted a throng of security at the mall because they Converse High Tops Uk Leather

Converse Sale Size 4

Converse Sale Size 4

Converse Sale Size 4

Converse Sale Size 4

One common rite of passage for college or even high school is owning one's first car. For members of the hoi polloi, that often means owning a beat up, beater of an automobile that could leave you stranded just about as often as Capt. Jack Sparrow.

Anyway, the lesson of these particular educational endeavors is that guys can do some pretty stupid things. Then again, that probably isn't news to the other Converse Sale Size 4 half of our species.

just say I was looking for a fishpond to fall into to hide my embarrassment.

The overall design, meanwhile, looks plasticky and the color scheme is a tad plain, though it might help dissuade some suspicious folks from targeting you. I just wish it had a pepper spray compartment, too.

The best part? The girl looked super serious the whole time and waited until my hapless passenger and I drove off before busting out laughing.

Converse Sale Size 4

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