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Number of states that prohibited concealed carry in 1981: 19

"If the criminal isn't going to abide by the law, then I should have more places to carry," Georgia Carry Executive Director Jerry Henry said. "Or it's the responsibility of the place that denies my right to carry to protect me."

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Although Bird prefers to openly carry, Converse Shoes Uk 6.5

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guns can be carried into more public places

"If I thought about the possibility of the increased number of guns now that are being carried in places, it would have a paralyzing effect, and I won't let that happen," Grant said.

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"It's a situation just like getting up in the morning and putting your shoes on or your boots on. For me it's putting (my gun) onto my side," said Lee Bird, owner of Twin Birds Saddlery in Wickenburg, Arizona, 60 miles northwest of Phoenix. Bird openly carries a .38 Smith Wesson Special revolver on his hip everyday.

Guns are increasingly common in public spaces.

sometimes he keeps his gun concealed in his briefcase or pocket. Arizona has some of the strongest gun rights laws in the country. It is one of seven states that do not require gun owners to get a permit to carry a concealed gun.

Thirty years ago, Bird wouldn't have been able to carry his gun concealed at all. Historically many states heavily restricted who could own a handgun or banned the concealed carry of handguns altogether.

"People have come to think of the Second Amendment as protecting the individual right to keep and bear arms," said Joseph Blocher, a law professor at Duke University specializing in constitutional law. "Also, I think people have come to oppose strong handgun laws and things like that which have in the past found favor."

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More Americans can carry guns in more places than ever before. In the majority of states, law abiding gun owners can walk into bars, restaurants and churches with their guns without fear of legal ramifications, a News 21 review of all 50 states found.

Georgia's Legislature recently passed the Georgia Safe Carry Protection Act, which significantly expanded where gun owners could take their firearms. It allows licensed gun owners to bring their firearms in to churches, schools, bars and restaurants. Critics of the bill have called it the "Guns Everywhere Bill."

But Georgia Carry, an influential gun rights group, pushed the Safe Carry Protection Act through the Legislature to reinforce Converse Dainty Light Blue

Number of states that do not require a concealed carry permit: 5

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For some, the acceptability of guns and the number of people who could potentially be carrying is terrifying.

my family."

its members' Second Amendment rights.

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States that prohibit it today: 0

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"I open my front door and walk in public spaces in Georgia," said Kathryn Grant, co founder of the Georgia Gun Sense Coalition. "Most people don't think about the potential of violence erupting because it's not a reference point, it's not a part of their experience yet."

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"People look at you, but I ignore it," Bird said. "I'm not carrying it for attention. I'm carrying it because I want people to Converse Red Low Top know that if there is an incident somewhere, that I am there to defend myself or Converse Girls High Top Sneakers

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