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This included hanging baskets, he said.

Housing Converse Low Cut

and "anyone with any common sense" would not get hurt.

of her personal items."

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"We have advised her that a further inspection will be carried out shortly with our health and safety manager and if it is felt that there is a potential risk she may well be asked to remove some

Converse Red And Black

Converse Red And Black

Asthma sufferer Sharon told the Bucks Free Press the move was "over the top" and said it left her in tears as her plants were her "little enjoyment".

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Converse Red And Black

Converse Red And Black

Converse Red And Black

that residents could trip over the pots and tubs in the communal area, for example during a fire evacuation.

Mrs Kerrigan said she had been told by Paradigm Converse Shoes High Tops Men

Converse Red And Black

Converse Red And Black

Converse Red And Black

"In the eight years I have been here no one has hurt themselves on one of my baskets" she said.

Councillor Geoff Grover, one of two members for West Beaconsfield on South Bucks Council, said: "I wouldn't have thought it presented too much of a safety risk."

that could present Paradigm Housing Group with a number of health and safety issues.

This was "nonsense" she said Converse Jack Purcell Leather

A tearful Mrs Kerrigan said: "I have chronic asthma so I can't work so it is my little enjoyment.

She said: "I think it's stupid. They're not a risk they have been Converse Red And Black there since I moved in 2000.

Hanging baskets face health and safety ban From Richmond and Twickenham Times

Geoff Gigg, Paradigm regional manager for Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire, said: "Following a recent site inspection it was felt that Mrs Kerrigan was using the communal areas in a way

"The hooks were there when I moved in so there has not been a problem till now. It is totally over the top."

"Now that has been taken away from me."

Converse Red And Black

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