Converse Purple And Black

Converse Purple And Black

so hard in thejewel box that he started to hurl.

In those Converse Hi Tops Men

Converse Purple And Black

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Converse Purple And Black

Converse Purple And Black

That when coaches would really start to have their fun, the men from the boys deciding who to squat to pee like a little girl who was but a dooberable and deserved to until your legs turn into jelly. after practicing for two or three hours in the blazing sun, that when it was time for wind sprints. Up and down Harve Collins field. Fighting for air, but that was impossible, because in August, there is no air in Oklahoma.

Time and time and time again. Until the first upchucks, which meant it was time to start running plays.

You had to fight your teammates to get any water at all out of those awful old hoses. The water was hot and tasted like a dead lizard had been in the hose, but you gulped down as much as you could in maybe five seconds, before being pushed away by an angry coach.

Converse Purple And Black

Converse Purple And Black

Certainly not at Harve Collins Field, a place that will live in infamy, the place that prompted this riot of memories.

Converse Purple And Black

Then the scrubs, most of whom had muscles or chest hair, would then fruitlessly try to run plays against the first team defense,which consisted of werewolves, zombies and criminals who were just killing time before going off to prison.

Then you scrimmage for maybe Converse Metallic

About that time, one or two of the weaker scrubs would have died of heat stroke, and the vultures would by pulling them apart and eating them in the far endzone.

Converse Purple And Black

That would put the defensive coaches in a good mood, especially if someone had been Converse Shoes For Women With Heels

less civilized times, coaches would punish you by denying you water. So if they thought you were dogging it while carrying 20 pounds of equipment, in the 100 degree, 100 percent humidity, dust bowl they would make you keep running and running and running until you started hustling.

The rest of us backs, linebackers and linemen would then run drill after drill, smashing into each other, jumping over tackling dummies, slamming into the steel sled and driving it and the coach on top of it back, back, back, until, finally, he whistled.

an hour, frequently running the same play over Converse Purple And Black and over and over until every player had a concussion, or the quarterbacks had soiled their little pink dresses.

Converse Purple And Black

Including the strap incident reckon it would have been a Friday afternoon in my Junior year.

Converse Purple And Black

If you were a like me, not a starter, you might be on defense for a hour, as wave after wave from the 1st, 2nd and 3rd team offenses ran play after play right at you, without pause, unless the star quarterback got a hang nail and needed urgent medical care.

We just finished the first week of the most sadistic, brutal, two a days I ever been through. We probably lost 100 men, maybe 200.

Converse Purple And Black

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