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"Guns and drugs are danger o us together, a toxic elixir,'' Varpio said.

She cited the large quantity of hard drugs found on more than one occasion, the considerable amount of cash and the fact that Vipond was on bail and in the midst of a preliminary hearing when charged a second time as aggravating factors.

The other offences included possession of a prohibited weapon (brass knuckles) and four counts of possession of a firearm (a Smith and Wesson .22 calibre handgun, a Chinese version of an AK 47, .22 calibre semi automatic rifle and Converse Green Color

"He was co operative, admitted ownership of everything.''

The judge denied Willson's suggestion that some of the money seized be returned to Vipond's wife.

"These guns were all stored in a careless manner in the garage and the bulk of the drugs were in the home," he said.

The 2010 drug offences were production of marijuana, and possession of cocaine for the purpose of trafficking.

When police raided John Vipond's home nearly two years ago, officers found a substantial amount of drugs, guns and money.

On Tuesday, the 37 year old Sault Ste. Marie man was sentenced to three years in a federal penitentiary after he pleaded guilty to numerous drug and weapon charges.

As well, Vipond was convicted of Converse Metallic Pink

When officers went to the home a year later, they located 33 grams of cocaine, a flick knife, debt list and $6,873.

Chorney's position for the drug offences was 15 months consecutive and forfeiture of the money seized by police.

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Bignell called the penitentiary term, Converse Original Design proposed as part of the plea bargain, as "within the ball park.''

When he was arrested, "he apologized profusely to his son, wife and mother who were present,'' Chorney said.

"No wonder he has weapons. He's clearly a trafficker. The drugs prove it, the money proves it, the debt list proves and the weapons prove it.''

The 2011 offences were possession Converse Shoes High Cut For Women

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Before the inquiry resumed, police received a tip from a confidential informant and went to Vipond's home on July 13 with a search warrant.

a .22 calibre rifle) while prohibited.

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He was convicted of 11 offences stemming from the June 21, 2010 raid at his Railroad Avenue home and a further two offences in connection with a July 13, 2011 search of his residence.

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having a handgun without a licence and two counts of careless storage of a firearm.

"It's not a big leap to find Mr. Vipond is a professional drug dealer,'' he said, describing the proposed 21 month sentence for the Criminal Code offences as a "tough tariff for a first time weapons offender.''

With the seven and a half month credit he received for the time he has spent in custody on the charges, Vipond faces a further 28 and a half months in prison.

"This has been hanging over my family's head for years, like a black cloud," Vipond told the judge. "That's the hardest thing I've had to endure. I just want to go home.''

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"Guns and drugs and money are not a good combination,'' Chorney said.

Willson said this wasn't a case where someone was carrying drugs and guns.

of cocaine for the purpose of trafficking and breach of a recognizance.

"In this home where there obviously was extensive drug trafficking, large amounts of money seized and in circumstances that indicated he had been and traffic, the amounts seized shall be forfeited to her majesty,'' Bignell said.

Vipond is a millwright and welder by trade and "hopefully when done his incarceration he will go back to that,'' he said.

The sentence, imposed by Ontario Court Justice Kristine Bignell, was a joint submission from Chorney, assistant Crown attorney Michael Varpio and defence counsel Bruce Willson.

During the first raid, police found 180 grams of cocaine and $8,060 in cash.

Guns and drugs and money are not a good combin

Federal prosecutor Wayne Chorney said 144 grams of the cocaine and $5,080 were discovered in a safe.

A preliminary hearing on the first set of charges began in June 2011 and was adjourned until September.

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