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Now this, of itself, this is no big deal. But it had me thinking: how did young Jake recognise our new prime minister? After all, he is just starting to read and Converse Dainty Ox Navy 5.5

Converse Orange Low Tops

very familiar with the way this worked and left the processing of emails to her staff. She gave the clear impression that this communication platform was well down on her list of priorities.

Converse Orange Low Tops

Converse Orange Low Tops

whenever he watches TV, he usually goes straight to the cartoon channel. Nevertheless, somewhere along the line Mr Rudd's self promoting ubiquitousness had sunk in, either directly or indirectly.

Growing role of social media

Converse Orange Low Tops

Converse Orange Low Tops

Taking this further, is the court of social media public opinion influenced most by substance when it comes to our political leaders, or by perceived familiarity? In other words do they like what they see or what that person stands for?

In the run up to the 2007 election, I was asked to sit in on a focus group which included a couple of young online pioneers and a prominent Labor Party front bencher whom I won't name but is now a member of the Cabinet. Discussing the impact of the internet during the campaign, the minister said she was not Converse Chuck Ii Review

world. It would be interesting to see in an election post mortem whether the hand that rocks the political cradle of social media ends up ruling Australia, so to speak.

This sugar shot is not unusual or surprising in the circumstances. What will be interesting is whether it lasts through the campaign until the September 7 election.

How things have changed in just six years!

The other day my five year old grandson, who was staying with us during the winter school holidays, drew my attention to something in a copy of The Australian which was lying on the kitchen table.

In the run up to election day, we will be saturated with political coverage and bombarded with the results of public opinion polls. However, a question I would like to see asked by the pollsters is what area of the media (if any) had the greatest impact on your voting inclination: Was it TV, radio, print or social?

"Our new boss," he said pointing to a large photograph. Sure enough it was Kevin Rudd, who had only been shoe horned back into the top job in Australia a few weeks beforehand.

There is an old saying that the hand that rocks the cradle rules the Converse Gold Glitter

The opinion polls in the early days of Rudd's new honeymoon period seem to clearly reflect a more comfortable relationship between him and Converse Orange Low Tops the electorate than existed under the leadership of his predecessor Julia Gillard.

Converse Orange Low Tops

Converse Orange Low Tops

The impact of social media on general public opinion, particularly among younger people, is simply staggering.

Converse Orange Low Tops

Converse Orange Low Tops

My grandson knows who is the "new boss" of Australia, but probably doesn't know what his name is and certainly knows nothing about him.

The major political parties would be remiss indeed if they were not already asking this question in their focus groups of potential voters.

That, of course, will depend largely on the ability of the candidates to win the support of the voters through the media. Elections bring a revenue windfall to media, but if the 2013 election follows historical trends the lion's share of the campaign budgets will go to the TV networks, with print advertising picking up what's left in the last week.

Converse Orange Low Tops

I am not suggesting for a minute that print media has no impact on the electorate. But I think it is fair to ask whether potential voters are looking wider afield today before making up their minds about the candidates. And if so, what share of the media is social networking accountable for in this process.

Converse Orange Low Tops

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