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Under Nevada law, reports of bounced checks are first sent to the bad check diversion program to try to resolve the problem without criminal charges, Helzer said.

Converse New Arrival 2018

Paul Gademsky, owner of Sierra Network Solutions, a computer security company in Reno, said he filed the complaint for the $907 check, and has been awaiting payment ever since.

One in Texas claims he committed fraud when he collected church funds by allegedly making false or misleading claims, and one in Kentucky said he stole the group's name and didn't fulfill a contract.

are now being investigation for possible criminal charges.

Michele Anderson, spokeswoman for the Reno Police Department, confirmed that it is looking into the case. However, since it's an on going investigation, she said she can't release more details at this time.

"After review, (Deputy District Attorney) Elliott Sattler returned the check cases to the Reno Police Department," Helzer said. "It was the position of this office that rather than looking at these checks as 'bad check' cases the matter might be better reviewed as a fraud case."

Gademsky said he used so work in the same building when Stickler was running a company called Faith Based Solutions, and Converse White Sneakers Online

Haiti nonprofit group's leader investigated on bad checks

The bounced check cases started as a civil action, officials said, but Converse Low Black

Soon after, Stickler allegedly began to falter his pledge to repay that check, and the District Attorney's office received three more bad checks in 2009 for $907.50, $3,875.50 and $3,302.33, Helzer said.

The Reno Police Department is investigating more than $10,440 worth of bad checks allegedly written by the head of the nonprofit group Help Build Hope Haiti, who was the target of a Reno Gazette Journal investigation after funds disappeared and workers left the project.

After trying to resolve it with Stickler, Gademsky said he finally took it to the police.

Converse New Arrival 2018

Converse New Arrival 2018

Converse New Arrival 2018

Converse New Arrival 2018

Converse New Arrival 2018

The police investigation is in addition to two civil lawsuits filed in two states in the past week involving Mike Stickler's handling of the Haiti home Converse New Arrival 2018 building project.

Converse New Arrival 2018

"Anyone with further information, or who wishes to file a report with the Reno Police Department, is requested to do so," Anderson said.

did some computer work for Stickler. But when Stickler sent him a Community Renewal Project check for one of his invoices, it bounced.

Converse New Arrival 2018

Converse New Arrival 2018

Washoe County Assistant District Attorney John Helzer said his office's Fraudulent Check Diversion Program received a bad check complaint in 2008 for a $2,356.88 check written by Stickler, and he began making payments.

But when the person fails to take care of the matter within six months, or when a number of checks come in by one person, the person will be removed from the program and the cases can be sent back to the police department for further investigation, to see if it should be handled as a criminal violation, Converse White Leather Shoes

he said.

Stickler could not immediately be reach for comment. Phone messages were left at his office on Friday outlining the story and he sent an email saying he had received the voicemail and asked if the reporter to "shed some light" on the inquiry.

"When this was returned to RPD we included our thoughts that this might be a case to review for other violations such as fraud," Helzer said.

Converse New Arrival 2018

"There are a substantial number of these cases and with the realities faced by budget restrictions this practice has saved a lot of time and energy with respect to cases that are successfully diverted," Helzer said.

Converse New Arrival 2018

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