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Mother and daughter share an 1,100 square foot, two and a half bedroom, s e m idetached home on East Balfour Street. There's even a deck and fenced backyard in what used to be the playground of the now closed St. Veronica's elementary school.

Director of education John Stadnyk, who Womens Converse Shoes

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Marttinen has already logged about a quarter of her 250 hours and plans to contribute another 25 to 30 hours per month and finish her commitment by the spring.

The non profit, Christian housing ministry's local chapter held a dedication and blessing for the home Saturday.

"This is way beyond my expectations."

Habitat home is family's castle

Marttinen's father, Armas, quickly knocked off 250 hours in two months. The retired electrician helped wire the adjoining residence. It's expected to be ready for occupancy in early 2013.

There are also Habitat for Humanity residences on Peoples Road and Shafer Avenue.

Marttinen could never have afforded such a residence herself. At best, she could only Converse Red Leather High Tops

Converse Mid Tops Black

"We haven't got that far yet," he said.

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Converse Mid Tops Black

Even that modest investment in real estate "would have really put a financial strain on myself and my daughter," she said before the afternoon service started.

Converse Mid Tops Black

"Would we have a home or do I put money into her education Converse Knit Chucks

"It's our largest family yet," said vice president Janine Brodie.

"Not only are we Converse Mid Tops Black going to be richer right now, but in 30 years or 25 years, I have something that Emma will have a headstart in life with," she said.


"He just treated that like he was going to work," she said.

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Their tasks included installing windows, setting up foundation walls and hanging drywall, said construction teacher Craig Pierman.

She learned she was accepted late last year.

That's a difficult choice Marttinen will never have to make.

"He feels like he's sort of back in the swing of things. The best part of this whole journey is my dad will be a lifetime volunteer with Habitat. He finds it engaging. He finds it fun."

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Converse Mid Tops Black

Once 10 homes are completed, mortgage payments from those properties should be enough to fund future housing starts. Brodie wouldn't estimate when that would happen, saying it depends on fundraising efforts.

Delta Hotels and Resorts donated $75,000 to Habitat for Humanity's fifth project on Sydenham Road. That high rise bungalow is expected to be done by June with a mother and her five children moving in shortly after.

After seeing an advertisement for Habit for Humanity, and talking to a former board member who's also a long time friend, Marttinen applied for consideration in the fall.

Converse Mid Tops Black

"This is a palace compared to what I thought I'd be in on my own," said Marttinen.

attended, said the board hasn't talked about the possibility of contributing more land to Habitat for Humanity.

afford spending $70,000 on what "would have been kind of a dump, I'm sure, that I would have to spend a lot of years and time fixing up."

Huron Superior Catholic District School Board donated the land for the house.

Families selected by Habitat for Humanity are expected to invest 300 to 500 hours of sweat equity in addition to being responsible for interest free mortgages on their properties.

The semi detached home was built, in part, by 20 to 25 high skills major program and Grade 11 and 12 construction students from St. Mary's College and St. Basil Secondary over two years.

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