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Zoe Saldana seems to be making a good living from Sci Fi / fantasy movies with Star Trek 1 2 and Avatar (2,3, and 4 already in production) where she was blue instead of green. Doctor Who's Amy Pond Karen Gillan no stranger to Sci Fi is unrecognisable as baddie Nebula and holds her own in her first big Hollywood blockbuster. The most likeable person is Groot who despite being an animated character is also the most expressive with his feelings even though his vocabulary consists of three words "I am Groot" which is odd that Vin Diesel was brought in to record the dialogue but in different tones.

Fast forward twenty years and we see Peter grown up as a space adventurer, a kind of cross between Harrison Ford's Hans Solo with his arrogance and weapon skills, Indiana Jones cunning and ability to search out valuable relics and Nathan Fillion's Captain Malcolm 'Mal' Reynolds from the TV series Firefly and Movie Serenity with his wit and sense of humour. We are first introduced to Peter in as an adult on an abandoned planet on his way to steal an Orb ( a sort of spherical metal Converse Metallic Silver object that holds a lot of power.) But unfortunately there is a an evil megalomaniac called Ronan (Lee Pace from Pushing Daisies) who also wants the Orb to rule the Universe. Quill tries to sell the Orb to an interested buyer but gets arrested along the way and thrown in prison where he meets a group of misfits.

Converse Metallic Silver

Guardians of the Galaxy 3D 12A From Richmond and Twickenham Times

This film really works and is a lot of fun. I might go as far as to say that it will probably overtake Dawn of the Planet of the Apes as the big Summer movie of 2014.

Converse Metallic Silver

Converse Metallic Silver

Converse Metallic Silver

Converse Metallic Silver

The Converse New Model

Converse Metallic Silver

Unlike previous Marvel films, Guardians of the Galaxy has all of the action and adventure set in space. Since Star Wars there have been many imitations of the space adventure such as Battle Beyond The Stars(1980) which was a take on The Magnificent Seven but in space starring George Peppard, Richard Thomas and Robert Vaughn who reprised his role from the original western. The Last Starfighter (1984), The Black Hole (1979) and Battlestar Galactica (1978) Converse High Tops Size 13 Mens

David Bautista as Drax the Destroyer

This is why I was a little bit sceptical about Guardians of the Galaxy as Marvel were taking quite a risk by deviating from their usual Superhero format. It was clear from the early teaser trailers that this new adventure was going to be more laid back and tongue in cheek. That is not to say that there hasn't been some great humour and wit in the recent Marvel offerings particularly with Joss Whedon's influence in the Avengers Assemble and also with Robert Downy Jr's brilliant portrayal of Tony Stark in the Iron Man movies. However, many Marvel characters have always had some troubled past and they are usually holding a lot of angst inside.

Karen Gillan as bad girl Nebula

to name but a few.

The five unlikely heroes agree a truce and join forces to eventually become the Guardians of the Galaxy. Can they keep Ronan from taking the Orb from them and changing the Universe forever?

The big surprise for me though was David Bautista, the ex professional wrestler who plays Drax the Destroyer a sort of man mountain who would not hesitate to rip your head off but Pink Converse High Tops Toddler

I think the time is right for a decent space romp and Guardians doesn't disappoint. Also I think that the success of this film will be due to the fact that this is a little known comic book series and the large part of the audience will be going to see it without any preconceived ideas as to how the characters should mirror the comics

Converse Metallic Silver

film opens on earth sometime in the late seventies early eighties. A small boy and his relatives gather at the hospital bedside of his dying Mother. The distressed youngster Peter Quill runs out of the hospital into the night wearing his his Walkman headphones to comfort him with a tape of 'Awesome Mix vol 1' put together by his Mother. Just to add to his woes he is beamed up by a spaceship. Peter's not having a good day.

Chris Pratt is excellent as the wise cracking Peter Quill AKA Star Lord (exept nobody has ever heard of the name Star Lord and is a running gag throughout.) His 'Awesome Mix tape is a nice touch and features some great seventies rock music throughout the film. Pratt is probably known more for TV's Parks and Recreation when he was also carrying some extra weight and went on a vigorous training routine to get in shape for Guardians. Hence a gratuitous half naked scene to show that the money was well spent on those Abs!

Bradley Cooper voices Rocket Racoon

Converse Metallic Silver

Converse Metallic Silver

has a child like naivety and does not know what a metaphor is. His comedy timing is actually quite good which is apparent in some funnier scenes.

Converse Metallic Silver

Zoe Saldana as Ganora the warrior

Converse Metallic Silver

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