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He said the 65cm limit takes a fish about 9 10 years to reach. That allows female fish to grow to sexual maturity and spawn two to three times before they can be harvested.

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Walker said Converse High Tops Uk Sale

Walker told councillors that the current annual harvest is estimated at between 0.3 to 0.4 kilograms per hectare, with the biologist's best estimate sitting at 0.36 kilograms per hectare.

Cold Lake's lake trout population has grown over the years, but pressure from the area's expanding sport fishing industry mean the city and Alberta Sustainable Resources Development need to start talking about furthering conservation efforts, according to a provincial biologist.

Jordan Walker, a senior fisheries biologist with SRD, presented the result of years of studies to Cold Lake councillors at their April 26 meeting.

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He added that SRD considers 0.2 0.3 kilograms per hectare to be a sustainable lake trout harvest in a year from Cold Lake.

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Walker explained that lake trout are slow growing fish adapted to deep, cold and nutrient poor waters.

Walker said the data collected show that lake trout numbers stood at about 25,000 fish in 1985. By 2010, that number grew to an estimated 480,000 fish.

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As it stands, the harvest is at or above the sustainable limit, however.

The message he brought was that discussions should begin sooner rather than later.

That would equal about 3,000 to 5,000 fish, depending on the size.

Growing sport fishery threatens lake trout

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the increase was due to "cumulative effects of conservation efforts" which came about after a change in values in the 1970s.

Possible conservation methods include regulating the use of bait, allowing only the catch and release of lake trout, a tagging and licencing system, imposing a limit to the lake trout season or increasing the minimum size at which a trout can be harvested.

He told councillors they should consider a number of conservation methods, each of which have their "pros and cons."

"Mother nature can produce a lot more than Converse Leather Trainers we can," he said. "Hatcheries are really good to start Blue Converse High Tops Childrens

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Biologists used sonar equipment, net traps and surveyed anglers to determine the population size.

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Their environment has made them voracious eaters, and fairly easy Converse Sale Mens

"We have a history of doing this too late," he told council. "(In Cold Lake) we're beginning to move into a red zone where previous experience on other lakes suggests that we should limit the harvest."

to catch.

While the fish have made a come back in Cold Lake, sport fishing has grown as well and is likely to continue to grow with the city.

"We expect in our local area that human growth and pressure on the fish will continue," Walker said.

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He also told councillors that further community stakeholder meetings will take place and town halls will be held to get the information out to the public.

Walker also said size limits can be set up so that both smaller and larger fish can be harvested while leaving time for mid sized fish to develop.

Currently, anglers can take fish 65 centimetres or larger from the lake.

a population, but they're not good at managing them."

Responding to questions from councillors, Walker said that stocking the lake would not help the population move towards sustainability.

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