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and seeing Harper sitting on one of the couches," writes Carson.

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Harper was quickly "disabused" of the idea by his staff, and instead the prime minister served notice of a libel suit against the opposition Liberals and their then leader, Stephane Dion, over the Cadman affair.

"He was talking about the possibility of an RCMP investigation into what might be allegations of criminal activity and the real possibility that he would have to step aside while the investigation was taking place."

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"I will never forget entering the living room Converse Dainty Low Trainers

Cadman had been the deciding vote in a 2005 non confidence motion in the House of Commons that kept Paul Martin's Liberals in power to the dismay of Harper's opposition party. Cadman died of Converse Knit Collection

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Carson writes that herecalls wondering whyHarper should quit given the precedent that had been set by former Prime Minister Jean Chretien.

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When the story broke in 2008, Harper's office immediately released a statement categorically denying the allegation, saying that at "no time" had Harper directed a party official to make "any kind of financial arrangement with Converse Kids Shoes

skin cancer two months after the vote.

"The Liberals jumped on the quotation and alleged on their website that the prime minister had been complicit in a bribery attempt of a sitting member of the House of Commons," writes Carson.

"The PM was quickly disabused of any thoughts of stepping aside."

Carson writes about how, the morning after the story broke, he drove to 24 Sussex Drive with Ian Brodie, the prime minister's chief of staff, and Sandra Buckler, Harper'sdirector of communications.

Instead, Harper's team Converse Ladies Shoes Online hired two Ottawa lawyers and prepared to strike back at the opposition Liberals with notice of a lawsuit.

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But behind closed doors, according to Carson's new book, Harper was initially concerned about his fate.

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Chuck Cadman."

Harper briefly feared he might have to step aside over Chuck Cadman controversy

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Converse Ladies Shoes Online

Ultimately, the controversy did not promptan RCMP investigation and Harper's lawyers dropped their legal action against the Liberals in February of 2009.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper feared he might have to step aside in 2008 if a police investigation occurred into allegations his Conservative team had tried to bribe Independent Surrey North MP Chuck Cadman, a new booksays.

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Later, when Harper himself had been prime ministerfor two years, a political firestorm erupted asit was revealed a Vancouver journalist was about to publish a book claiming two senior members of the Conservative team had offered Cadman a $1 million life insurance policy to bring down the Liberals back in 2005.

"During the Shawinigan affair, which did actually involve an RCMP investigation, (Chretien)stayed in office. He probably never gave a thought to stepping aside. So why would this prime minister even think about it?" Carson writes.

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