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From the stunning fire tailed skink, to the 70 cm land mullet of the central eastern rainforests from limbless burrowing skinks in Central Australian dunes to popular bluetongues, Converse Classic White Men

Australia is host to six species of bluetongue. The blotched bluetongue can often be seen basking on rocks and roads in southeastern Australia.

Size: Up to 20 cm

Lancelin Island skink (Egernia major)

Skinks are primarily insect eaters, but some species, including the blotched bluey, supplement their diet with fruit, plant shoots and fungi.

other during spring mating season in flamboyant territorial displays.

Size: Up to 40 cm

Size: Up to Converse Knit 2 10 cm

This little lizard is thought to wave its fiery tail to communicate.

Food: Crawling insects, centipedes, larvae and worms

Food: Moths, termites, beetles, grasshoppers, spiders and occasionally small lizards

Converse Knit 2

Converse Knit 2

SEE THE FULL GALLERYAn aggressive, nocturnal desert hunter. Can escape predators in an instant by burrowing into sand with a wriggling, snake like motion.

Size: Up to 30 cm

Food: Spiders, ants, moths and beetlesThe coppery garden skink can be found basking and foraging among the leaf litter of suburban gardens. Large groups of more than 18 lizards may latch onto each Converse All White

Converse Knit 2

Converse Knit 2

Converse Knit 2

Sometimes mistaken for a snake, as it has very small legs, the three toed skink may be found munching on crawling insects and worms in garden compost heaps.

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there are nearly 400 species in the family Scincidae. These lizards typically have a broad fleshy tongue, overlapping body scales and large symmetrical plate like scales arranged side by side on top of the head.

Converse Knit 2

Food: Insects, snails, slugs, worms, spiders, mice, fungi, flowers and fruit

Known only to inhabit Lancelin Island, a 7.6 ha nature reserve 115 km north of Perth. Populations of this rare skink are threatened due to the invasion of its habitat by exotic weeds and disturbance by humans.

Food: Flies, ants, moths and worms

guide to Aussie skinks

Converse Knit 2

Converse Knit 2

Lined fire tailed skink (Morethia ruficauda)

Kings of defence, many skinks will surrender their tail to predators and grow a new one later. In thorny situations the pygmy spiny tailed skink can balloon itself to jam into rock crevices to avoid a predator. Some species such as the common garden skink live in large family groups, while others such as Converse For Men Black

Blotched bluetongue lizard (Tiliqua nigrolutea)

Converse Knit 2

YEAR ROUND, THE FRANTIC scamper of skinks is an everyday scene in most suburban gardens. This mainly sun loving group the largest family of Aussie lizards is found in every part of the country.

Three toed skink (Saiphos equlalis)

the broad banded sand swimmer prefer the solitary life.

Size: Up to 9 cm

Converse Knit 2

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