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She said the man first shot toward the ceiling, then began shooting at people. He reloaded during his attack, she said.

Converse Kids High Tops

"Obviously no words can express the intensity of this tragedy," he said.

The smoke smelled like a Fourth of July firework, said CNN iReporter Adam Witt. It took a few gunshots before he figured out what was going on.

It was a scene "straight out of a horror film," said Chris Ramos, who was inside the theater.

The gunman went to the rear door of the theater and propped it open, then tossed in a canister before starting to shoot, according to a federal law enforcement source involved in the investigation.

Police say Holmes, 24, dressed head to toe in protective tactical gear, set off two devices of some kind before spraying the theater with bullets from an AR 15 rifle, a 12 gauge Converse Low Cut Men

A federal law enforcement official told CNN the man used tear gas, but Oates said Friday afternoon that it was not clear what the substance was.

Converse Kids High Tops

theater encountered bloody, groaning victims streaming out of the theater. Others remained inside, many with gruesome injuries, according to recordings of emergency calls with dispatchers.

Converse Kids High Tops

Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper said the attack was the work of a "very deranged mind."

Converse Kids High Tops

Converse Kids High Tops

who survived the attack, said she had seen the man and thought his get up was part of the entertainment for the film debut.

Converse Kids High Tops

"I don know how else to explain it. It horrific," said Tracy Lauzon, director of EMS and trauma services at Aurora Medical Center.

Converse Kids High Tops

Victims flooded overwhelmed hospitals. One of the injured was just three months old, hospital workers said.

Converse Kids High Tops

The FBI is assisting in the investigation, officials said.

The shooting unfolded inside a darkened theater packed with Batman fans, some in costume for the premiere of the movie "The Dark Knight Rises." Screaming, panicked moviegoers scrambled to escape from the black clad gunman, who wore a gas mask and randomly shot as he walked up the theater steps, witnesses said.

shotgun and at least one of two .40 caliber handguns police recovered at the scene.

Converse Kids High Tops

Jennifger Seeger, Converse Shoes Red High Tops

(CNN) The man suspected of shooting up an Aurora, Colorado movie theater screening the new Batman film early Friday, killing 12 and wounding 59, also left his apartment rigged with traps, police said.

"It booby trapped with various incindiery and chemical devices and trip wires," Aurora police chief Dan Oates said, adding that it could Converse Kids High Tops take days to work through the apartment safely.

Holmes is scheduled to appear in an Arapahoe County, Colorado, courtroom on Monday morning, Rob McCallum, spokesman for the Colorado Judicial Department, said Friday. The court file was sealed, according to a court order.

Oates said the man was wearing a ballistic helmet and protective gear for his legs, throat and groin, black gloves and a gas mask.

"This will be a day for prayer and reflection," he said, calling for the country to unite as one and support the victims.

Gunman turns Batman screening into real

"He was just literally shooting everyone, like hunting season," Ramos said.

Holmes surrendered without resistance within minutes of the first calls from panicked moviegoers reporting a shooting inside the Century 16 theater, Oates said. He is scheduled to appear in court on Monday, court officials said.

Theater shooting unfolds in real time on social media

FBI spokesman Jason Pack said it did not appear the incident was related to terrorism.

Police officers swarming to the Converse Grey Slip On

"He was just literally just massacring anybody that got up that was trying to run away," Seeger said.

Oates said investigators are confident that Holmes acted alone.

"Such violence, such evil is senseless. It is beyond reason," he said before ending the event to return to Washington.

Chaos broke out during the showing of "The Dark Knight Rises" at the Century Aurora 16 theater when the shooting began, police and witnesses said.

Converse Kids High Tops

President Barack Obama canceled campaign events Friday, telling supporters at what had been scheduled as a rally in Fort Myers, Florida, that "there will be other days for politics."

Converse Kids High Tops

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