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face masks and disposable protective gowns.

Formerly Mars Manufacturing in West Asheville, the business has changed hands multiple times over the years while altering its products to meet the evolving needs of the market. Precept was created in 2001 to focus on making a selection of more than 30 medical Converse New Collection 2018

While it does not produce the same volume or variety of medical supplies as some of its competitors, Sopcisak said his company has found success through specialization.

Converse High Tops Uk Womens

The Arden company relies more heavily on its line of regular surgical masks, which the CDC has advised be worn by infected Converse Laces Patterns

Although the World Health Organization recently announced that the danger from the virus appears moderate so far, hospitals across the country are ordering extra supplies from Precept.

Converse High Tops Uk Womens

Converse High Tops Uk Womens

Converse High Tops Uk Womens

The company produces almost 50 million masks each year from manufacturing plants in Arizona and Mexico. Sales for that business have grown by double digits each year, even though Precept is a relatively small player competing against massive medical suppliers, Precept Chief Executive John Sopcisak said.

The locally based company has seen demand for its masks jump since news of the pandemic spread.

Converse High Tops Uk Womens

from an Asheville manufacturing company dating to the 1940s.

"People are concerned about it," Precept President Michael Boyd said. "They're putting together contingency plans for pandemic situations, and we've geared up our capacity to try to help out as much as we can and try to capture as much of that business as possible."

Converse High Tops Uk Womens

Precept also works with group purchasing organizations like Charlotte based Premier Healthcare Alliance, which recently named the Arden company among the top 19 of its 800 suppliers.

Converse High Tops Uk Womens

H1N1 Article in the Asheville Citizen

patients to slow the spread of the virus.

Precept makes such respirator masks, Converse High Tops Uk Womens though they account for a small percentage of its business.

Precept saw a big jump in sales in the spring when orders for its masks rose dramatically at the height of public concern about swine flu. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta has advised health care providers who treat patients infected with the H1N1 virus to wear tight fitting N 95 respirator masks, which filter out airborne particles.

About the Business

By Josh BoatwrightARDEN The continued threat of swine flu has many health providers stocking up on face masks and other supplies, and that means more work for Precept Medical Products.

"We're going to be the guy who's going to sell the regular face mask that still has the filtration requirements to stop the spread of this," Boyd said.

The company supplies protective apparel to more than 500 customers, including hospitals, health systems, medical schools, health care distributors, doctors offices and clinics.

Precept is the latest business to emerge Converse Dainty Navy Uk

Converse High Tops Uk Womens

Who: President Michael Boyd, Chief Executive John Sopcisak and nearly 30 employees at corporate headquarters in Arden. The company has a total of about 150 employees, including workers at plants in Arizona and Mexico.

Converse High Tops Uk Womens

The company has done business locally with Mission and Park Ridge hospitals and the local Veterans Administration Medical Center.

"This recommendation goes beyond what we would normally recommend for regular seasonal flu," said Christine Pearson, a press officer for the CDC's National Center for Preparedness, Detection and Control of Infectious Diseases.

What: Precept Medical Products.

Converse High Tops Uk Womens

Converse High Tops Uk Womens

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