Converse High Tops Size 3.5


Converse High Tops Size 3.5

Converse High Tops Size 3.5

he says. By knowing any medical history of your group and ensuring that all participants have the necessary skills, fitness and equipment, adventures in remote locations can be done in relative safety.

Step 4. Plan and treat for shock.

Converse High Tops Size 3.5

"Prepare for the worst plan for the best," Converse Classic White Price

Step 3. Systematically assess and treat life threatening injuries.

Step 1. Take charge

Converse High Tops Size 3.5

Converse High Tops Size 3.5

party, "you need to know where it is, where you are going and what to bring".

Converse High Tops Size 3.5

Step 2. Safe approach/ scene assessment

Converse High Tops Size 3.5

Dr Edi Albert from Equip Wilderness First Aid Institute says knowing and following an accident management plan is the most effective way to manage emergencies in remote areas. It can help you make critical decisions on how to treat the patient, and what order to take steps. In its simplest form, you should:

Let someone know the route taken, and discuss the precise steps they should take if you do not return from your activity by a particular time

First aid knowledge and training is always recommended, particularly for those adventuring in isolated environments. Rescuers working in remote areas cite lack of preparation as the primary, preventable reason for most rescues. According to Stuart Clark, managing director for All Aid, the key to a successful wilderness trip is the rule of P Planning Prevents Poor Performance.


Converse High Tops Size 3.5

If someone becomes unconscious, continue with the accident management plan and contact emergency services as soon as possible. An unconscious person can suffer a cardiac arrest, in which case they will need Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR).

Travel in a group

Seriously consider taking an emergency beacon, particularly if going into areas where mobile phone reception can be limited or non existent. If you don't own one, remote beacons can be rented from 4WD rental companies, some outdoor shops, and the manufacturers themselves

Guide to remote first aid

Step 6. Longer term nursing care

Converse High Tops Size 3.5

Know each other's medical history and needs before you set out

Assign a group leader to prepare route plans, check weather reports and organise medical and first aid gear

two in the bush if needed

Czerkies says an important part of a rescue plan is to reassure the patient, especially in more serious cases. "You need to give the reassurance they need," he says. "They may already think they are going to die."

BY THEIR NATURE, WILDERNESS activities have risks, but proper training and thoughtful preparation means you should be able to handle most minor emergencies on your own, without having to call in the cavalry.

David Czerkies, senior training officer for St John Ambulance Australia, says that just like going out to a Men Converse High Tops

Ideally, if travelling in a group, smaller teams can be created so that one group will stay with the injured person and the other will seek help. This helps ensure that there are no other emergencies created, such as losing a person in the bush.

Converse High Tops Size 3.5

In most cases, a patient should not be left alone, especially if unconscious. However, Albert says that in remote areas it is sometimes crucial as a last resort to go and find help if you know that rescue is not going to look for you. Leaving Converse High Tops Size 3.5 the patient should only be done after assessing the problem and making sure they are comfortable and not in a life threatening condition. Albert says that if you do need to leave, "make sure that the injured has shelter, food, drink and is as comfortable as possible".

Step 7. Evacuation

Include enough food, water and clothes to spend an extra night or Converse Colors High Tops

Step 5. Conduct a second, more thorough assessment of the patient vital signs, history and head to toe examination

Converse High Tops Size 3.5

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