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'I started praying'

Ethlyn's back was to the window when Sencion walked into the restaurant. She heard glass breaking. A bullet shot by. She smelled the gunpowder. Someone yelled "Get under the table."

The MacDonalds, their daughter Kathy Chaney, Chaney's daughter Rachel, Rachel's two young children and another toddler sat in Converse Rose Gold Low

It was the sound of Sencion shooting a woman standing next to a motorcycle in the parking lot. She was the first of Sencion's 11 victims in his shooting spree.

Converse High Tops Red Size 4

Converse High Tops Red Size 4

Inside the IHOP, Ethlyn MacDonald and her husband, Howard, had just ordered breakfast. The Azusa, Calif., couple had come to Carson City last week to visit their children and grandchildren, and they always ate at IHOP before heading home.

The Swaglers noticed another woman walking through the parking lot toward the IHOP, unaware of what had just happened. Swagler's son screamed at the woman, and she came over to seek shelter with them.

As of late Tuesday, six victims were still being treated at Carson Tahoe Regional Healthcare and Renown Regional Medical Center. One person was released from the Carson City hospital, Converse High Tops Red Size 4 said Jon Tyler, Carson Tahoe spokesman.

"I felt like it was so close," she said. "I started praying. I thought he was going to shoot us in the back. I thought I was going to die."

Gunman in Carson City IHOP shooting reloaded at least once

The FBI said Sencion's actions were not an act of terrorism. It was Carson City's deadliest shooting.

Six of the seven injured remained hospitalized at Carson Tahoe Regional Healthcare and Renown Regional Medical Center late Tuesday with severe injuries. Converse Shoes Nz

Converse High Tops Red Size 4

The names of the victims are expected to be released today.

Local's owner Ralph Swagler was standing inside his restaurant with his son, Ryan, when they heard gunfire.

Some witnesses said Sencion appeared to be targeting the Guardsmen, but officials said they could not say whether he was focusing on any particular group or just shooting randomly.

Five victims were members of the Nevada National Guard, including the three who died. The two wounded National Guard members included a woman.

Converse High Tops Red Size 4

waitress was still standing at the table, " Ethlyn MacDonald said, "when all of a sudden we heard loud pops. I thought, 'What's happening?'"

Converse High Tops Red Size 4

The gunman, Eduardo Sencion, 32, later died of the self inflicted wound to the head.

Converse High Tops Red Size 4

He was taken to the Carson hospital but died soon after arriving, Tyler said.

Converse High Tops Red Size 4

Many of those witnesses said they feared for their lives.

Eduardo Sencion parked a blue minivan with a "Support our Troops" yellow ribbon decal in the parking lot between Local's BBQ and the IHOP in south Carson City. Tuesday.

They saw Sencion walk into the IHOP. Swagler's son started to lock the door.

one of the restaurant's back rooms near a big window that opened to the front tables.

At least 30 people who were at the IHOP or nearby businesses and witnessed the shooting were bused to the Carson City Sheriff's office to be interviewed. All vehicles in the parking lot were held overnight, behind yellow crime scene tape.

Converse High Tops Red Size 4

Furlong said most of the victims who were hospitalized were being treated for "severe" injuries to "critical zones of the body," while three suffered wounds to limbs.

Carrying an assault weapon and reloading at least once, a gunman walked into a Carson City IHOP restaurant Tuesday morning and opened fire, killing four three National Guardsmen and a woman and wounding seven others before spraying bullets at neighboring businesses then shooting himself.

when Eduardo Sencion shot a woman in the parking lot of the IHOP then entered the restaurant and opened fire inside. The woman outside was not killed, according to Furlong.

None of those killed or injured was identified Tuesday. Officials said their names would be released today. Five of the victims were members of the National Guard in uniform.

Converse High Tops Red Size 4

Converse High Tops Red Size 4

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