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It is a bit of a different journey this year for Cobb. Suffering from a knee injury three weeks ago, she has just started getting back into full force. This won't stop her. Driven by the love to compete, Cobb took home a silver medal last year as the defending world champion and plans on doing just the same. Cobb said, "I was just going out to do the best competition of my life. I never even expected to place that high, so that was definitely icing on the cake for me. Hopefully I can come out on top once again. I know what I am going up against, it will be tough but I am ready."

Pacquin says, "I'm not very worried about the scores so much this year, I just want to have fun and build for next year." Zimbaro agreed.

After months of preparation, determination and sacrifice, the time has finally come.

do great."

Converse High Tops Leather Padded Collar

The girls will compete on day 1 in the all around meet. Gymnasts who place in the top 10 that day, will then advance onto day 2, when they will fight to place.

After coaching these girls 17 hours a week, through seven invitationals and two qualifying tournaments this past year alone, coach Kim O'Brien says the girls are more than ready. "It all comes down to this" said O'Brien. "The girls are aiming high to place a spot in the biggest meet of the year."

Gymnasts to take on the world

"I can honestly say this is the most prepared team I have ever had going to nationals and they are all so supportive Converse High Tops Leather Padded Collar of one another" said O'Brien. "As their coach, I look forward to each and every day they walk into the gym. They are such a pleasure to coach and that is why I love my job."

Converse High Tops Leather Padded Collar

Converse High Tops Leather Padded Collar

The girls all wish to extend their appreciation to their coach O'Brien for believing in them and for her passion for gymnastics.

O'Brien says, "my hopes for Kayla and Converse Oil Slick White

Converse High Tops Leather Padded Collar

Bryanna are to go for the experience and have fun. It is their first time attending a national championship so I really want them to enjoy it. With that being said however, they are so ready. For first time athletes attending, I do have high expectations only because I am confident on how ready they really are."

O'Brien says, "these girls soaked in the experience last year and are now driven with their goals set high. This year will be a successful one at that for these two. There is not a doubt in my mind when it comes to them placing. If they go out and do their job that they do for me everyday in the gym, they'll Converse Full Black

O'Brien couldn't agree more.

Converse High Tops Leather Padded Collar

Morgan Cobb, 15, Paige Fecteau, 10, Addie Arbouw, 11, Bryanna Zimbaro, 11, Kayla Pacquin, 11, and Taryn Lamorie, 15, are six local gymnasts eyeing the gold medal at the 2014 USAIGC World Championships in Orlando, Fla., on June 26 July 3.

Converse High Tops Leather Padded Collar

"I am going to try my best and I am looking forward to competing in Florida," she said.

South Africa, Netherlands and the United Kingdom. This year, the Sault Ste. Marie Gymnastics Club is the only Canadian team attending. O'Brien says, "not only are we representing Sault Ste. Marie, but we are also representing Canada. We have big shoes to fill."

Converse High Tops Leather Padded Collar

Converse High Tops Leather Padded Collar

Lamorie, one of the oldest girls on the team, is paving the way for her younger teammates. She has four world championship experiences under her belt so far and has been there the longest. She is a level 8 gymnast and has always placed in the top 5. O'Brien says, "it is safe to say she is a veteran at this."

Converse High Tops Leather Padded Collar

Each gymnast had to receive two qualifying scores (regionals and states) in order to advance onto the world championships. Teams from all over will travel far distances to compete, including teams from Bermuda, Converse Uk Mens Size 10

Last year was the experience year for Fecteau and Arbouw.

Converse High Tops Leather Padded Collar

Converse High Tops Leather Padded Collar

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