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after a jury found Hanna "guilty, but mentally ill" on a first degree murder charge back in May, following five hours of deliberation.

Converse High Top Leather Sneakers

Judge Joseph Zeleznik said he was sentencing Hanna without sympathy or animus Converse Tactical Boots


Hanna sentenced to live behind bars

Dobias had requested that the jury's options be limited to guilty, not guilty or not guilty by reason of insanity. Judge Zeleznik had ruled back in may that jury instructions would include the "guilty, but mentally ill' option as is required by state law.

Converse High Top Leather Sneakers

Converse High Top Leather Sneakers

"Nobody knows if he will kill again. Nobody," Nicholas read aloud. "Our only sense of peace is knowing he is safely behind bars and can never kill Converse Black And White Photography

Converse High Top Leather Sneakers

Later Nicholas read: "You can't give us a second chance with the person we loved, but you can give us peace of mind," asking the judge to impose the life sentence.

In the end, both of Dobias' arguments were dismissed by Zeleznik before sentencing. But, in establishing them Men Converse High Tops

"The problem with 'guilty, but mentally ill' is it tempts the jury to reach a compromise verdict," said Dobias, arguing that with that as an option, getting a jury to buy into the legal insanity defense was the equivalent of hitting the lottery. "Why doesn't the state abolish the insanity defense if we're not going to use it?"

Converse High Top Leather Sneakers

Converse High Top Leather Sneakers

Converse High Top Leather Sneakers

Hanna has been in custody since a July 26, 1998 shootout with Michigan State Police and Chippewa County Sheriff Deputies on Baker Side Road. Hanna was originally convicted in August of 1999, and had been placed with the Michigan Department of Corrections since that time. District Court Judge Robert Holmes Bell forced a re trial after he ruled the original trial in the 50th Circuit Court had allowed prejudicial comments and wrongly permitted the introduction of Hanna's confession as evidence.

in the court record, the defense seemingly set the stage for any future arguments in the appellate court and beyond even though Dobias will no Converse High Top Leather Sneakers longer represent Hanna beyond Wednesday's sentencing.

SAULT STE. MARIE, Michigan Nathan P. Hanna, 50, will spend the rest of his natural life behind bars for the July 23, 1998 shooting of Anthony Gillespie in the offices of The Evening News.

Attorney Mark Dobias argued before sentencing that the judge should dismiss the verdict because it was a miscarriage of justice to allow the verdict to stand as it went against the great weight of the evidence.

The jury also found Hanna guilty of a felony firearm charge which carries a two year prison sentence. Although Zeleznik ordered him to serve two years, concurrently, on the second charge it was essentially academic since Hanna will be serving life without the possibility of parole.

Dobias argued his client was legally insane at the time of the shooting and his witnesses supported that assertion. Dobias also pointed out the inconsistency associated with the two verdicts as Hanna was found "guilty, but mentally ill," in the shooting, while the same jurors came to the conclusion he was simply "guilty" on the felony firearms count.

Converse High Top Leather Sneakers

Converse High Top Leather Sneakers

Converse High Top Leather Sneakers

In his second argument, Dobias said the process should be ruled unconstitutional since the Michigan legislature had stacked the deck against his client and others like him.

Anthony Gillespie's family was represented by his wife, Darla, and son, Nicholas, prior to sentencing. Darla initially began reading a prepared statement asking where her husband's second chance was to enjoy retirement, spend time with his sons and meet his grandchildren, before she was overcome with emotion and turned the paper over to Nicholas.

Converse High Top Leather Sneakers

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