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Being one of the veterans on the team, Cobb was very pleased with the overall results. did so well, and I am so proud of them, she said.

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Converse High Cut Men Style

After months of preparation, the hard work paid off.

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is very consistent, said O did not fall once at the competition and competed consistently back to back,

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Converse High Cut Men Style

Arbouw was in the same category as Pacquin and Zimbaro, however she placed fourth all around and made event finals for beam, floor Converse High Cut Men Style and bars. Dubbed of the Beam by Coach O she placed first overall on beam which O expected.

The competition season starts in December for these gymnasts which gives them five months to learn their new skills and decide what level they will be competing in come the fall.

Lamorie, the oldest member of the team, came sixth all around, made event finals for vault and bars, came first on bars and second on vault.

Pacquin made event finals for bars and beam. She placed 8th on bars and 13th on beam by the end of the competition. can wait to train and head down once again next year, Pacquin said.

Gymnasts shine in Orlando

for Fecteau. wasn as nervous this year because I already been there and I knew what to expect, she said.

in Orlando Fla. earlier this month.

Fecteau competed in the gold floor event and placed first, along with competing in the silver floor event and placed third. Fecteau ended her competition placing fifth on beams. was a pretty awesome feeling winning gold as a team and we never done this before. We use to not even qualify for a team so this was above and beyond, said Fecteau.

Sault gymnasts grabbed the limelight Converse Shoes Orange

Converse High Cut Men Style

was my first time going to nationals, I was really nervous and didn know what to expect, said Pacquin. was a really fun experience and we had a ton of fun as a team,

was the first time we ever won gold as a team, but the best part about this win for me is that every single girl had a part in it, said Coach Kim O

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Although most girls entered the competition with butterflies in their tummies, that wasn the case Converse High Tops Black Amazon

Zimbaro made event finals for bars. am happy about how my first year went. Although Converse Pumps Ladies

After suffering from a knee injury three weeks prior to attending nationals, Cobb was determined to step on the gym floor and succeed. Cobb placed second overall in the 15 and up category and qualified for the event finals on vault, bars and floor. She placed second in all three events. ended up falling off the beam due to nervousness which is where I feel I need to improve for next year competiion, said Cobb. felt really good about how I did this year. I surprised myself and the fact we got first as a team, was just an even better feeling, said Cobb.

Arbouw also placed third on bars, third on floor and silver on gold beam (a level higher). was a little more pressure this year than last year since it was my second year going. It was a lot more fun because I knew how things went this time around, said Arbouw. trip was an experience in itself. The team went to to Disney World.

Converse High Cut Men Style

I fell on the bars, I want to take this experience and work on it during training season, said Zimbaro.

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Pacquin and Zimbaro headed to the competition for the first time this year. knew if they did their job well, they would be able to make their finals. They were in age 11 category which consisted of over 50 kids, said O

Morgan Cobb, 15, Paige Fecteau ,10, Addie Arbouw, 11, Kayla Pacquin, 11, and Taryn Lamorie, 15, returned from the 2014 USAIGC World Championships with plenty of hardware and a first place title.

Last year, was the experience year for Fecteau and Arbouw.

Converse High Cut Men Style

Converse High Cut Men Style

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