Converse Gray Shoes

Converse Gray Shoes

Tina Tillman kneels, pressing the dish towel to her sprawled husband's forehead.

Converse Gray Shoes

The North Fort Myers pine woods were cool the night of Jan. 30. There was almost no moon Converse Shoes For Men Leather Brown

My husband just accidentally shot himself in my kitchen and he's bleeding from the head, ma'am.

When did this happen?

In most of his childhood pictures, he's got a .22 or a fishing pole in one hand and a dog nearby. Born and raised in North Fort Myers, he could shoot game and throw a cast net with the very best of them, says North Fort Myers firefighter Donny Overbee, who watched him grow up. Overbee gave him a job cutting grass as a young man.

Stay on the line with me. How old is he?

Converse Gray Shoes

Converse Gray Shoes

When Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was shot Jan. 8, the bullet went in one side of her head and out the other. When Jimmy Tillman was shot just three weeks later, the bullet lodged in his brain. Like Giffords, Jimmy survived and like Giffords', his recovery has surprised the experts.

Tina sobs.

Converse Gray Shoes

I got a shotgun and a Converse Dainty Black Leather

Several things bode well for Jimmy, says his neurosurgeon, Lee Memorial's John Dusseau. Converse Black

And a country boy can survive.

Blood seeps from under the sunflower print towel, drips all over the gray and pink tiled floor where James Tillman III slumps against a big yellow bag of Pedigree dog food.

911, what is your emergency?

rifle and a four wheel drive

Converse Gray Shoes

Converse Gray Shoes

Just now. I was in the bedroom, and I heard the gun go off.

He improved quickly, he's young and he's determined.

I want you to keep firm pressure. . Tina puts his hand on the towel, tells him to hold it there, to stay still while she runs for blankets.

Converse Gray Shoes

OK, listen to me; are you with him right now?

Gunshot can't stop North Fort Myers man

Converse Gray Shoes

More than 90 percent of people shot in the head die; most don't even make it to a hospital.

a fine night for raccoons and bobcats to stalk chickens.

Just reassure him the best you can that help is on the way. I love you honey. Just keep breathing.

"I'd trust Jimmy with my equipment heck, I'd trust Jimmy with my life," he says. "He's just an excellent, excellent person."

Yeah, he's Converse Gray Shoes breathing.

He's 31. It's in his face, ma'am.

He opens his right eye, looks at Tina, says "Oh my God" and begins to cry. Then he passes out.

Was this accidental?

Yes, it was accidental.

Yes, ma'am.

Is he breathing?

Converse Gray Shoes

Converse Gray Shoes

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