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In the keyhole event he said a keyhole is drawn on the ground.

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Converse Gold

He remembered when his kids were young and they would spend the whole weekend together with something for everyone to do.

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Barrel racer Justeen Hook has been staying at the Reed farm for a number of years and often trained with Don on gymkhana events.

"You can play together, spend time together and you can have a little friendly competition within the family," he said.

The rider Converse Gold must go Sneakers Converse Women

Converse Gold

For people unfamiliar with Gymkhana, Griemann said it consists of various equestrian events that focus on speed.

stake race has two poles. The rider must entre the arena and make two figure eights before exiting the arena. A rider who touches either of the poles is disqualified.

"Her and Donnie used to be quite the competition," Wendy Reed said. She said her husband enjoyed seeing the young kids compete.

The kids who participate in Gymkhana's can start as young as two year's old.

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around the far barrel pick up the flag and put it in the barrel at the opposite end of the arena. A rider is disqualified if he or she touches either barrel. Griemann said his favourite event was the poles.

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Finally, in the flag race there is a barrel at either end of the arena.

Gymkhana event remembers local rider

"[Donnie] was a give you the shirt of his back kind of guy," he said.

Reed said her husband was a hard working man who was always ready to give a helping hand at the equestrian events.

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Hitting one of the poles adds two seconds on to the riders time.

the entrance weaving through the poles.

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"You really have to work with your horse to do a good job on that one and it's a lot of fun," he said.

"He got a kick out of how well they improved, and every year seeing a difference in them," she said.

Griemann said Donnie was always willing to help whoever need it.

The rider will take their horse into the hole, turn around and head out again.

If at any time the horse touches the lines defining the key the rider is disqualified. Pole bending has six poles evenly spaced.

"It's just a real fun event that everybody's welcome," Griemann said.

The rider must ride to the far side of the arena and make their way back to Converse Navy

He said local gymkhana's are usually comprised of the keyhole race, barrel racing, poles, stakes and flags.

Although Gymkhanas are competitive, people just learning about the sport are welcome as well.

Griemann said he participates in Gymkhana's because it is a great family event.

They compete in an event called lead line, where adults lead the youngster through an event such as barrel racing or poles.

"Whether it was to help a little kid riding their horse," he said. "Whether he showed them pointers on what not to do or just to stop and say 'Hi.' He was sincerely one of the nicest people you'll ever meet."

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