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farms that overwinter young stock on the coastal slopes these cattle are like teenagers inquisitive and frisky. If you meet any of these (they still seem quite big) and feel intimidated jump and shout 'BOO!' "

The Pembrokeshire Coast Path is 300 kilometres of rugged beauty, poised on the edge of the world. I walked 47 kilometres of it in four days a "sample pack" of the path, if you will.

Converse Full Black Sneakers

Converse Full Black Sneakers

Converse Full Black Sneakers

They planted an ugly seed in my mind: Cows and bulls can be dangerous.

Even in early March, Wales proved downright balmy. Meanwhile, Jack Frost was back in Canada, insisting upon stretching the party well beyond its prime.

Converse Full Black Sneakers

Gulches, however, I met in bulk.

But but

Thankfully, human terrorization was a low priority for this particular beast; I ventured forth unharrassed for the rest of the day. Humans, too, were scarce: I may have encountered one fellow wayfarer per hour.

Converse Full Black Sneakers

I soon learned that ancient vestiges are as prevalent on the path as lurkers on a nude beach: from Iron Age forts to Norman castles, the path's wildness is studded with evidence of human life.

There aren't many places in Canada that I'd feel comfortable undertaking such walks because our country is so vast and wild. Bears, cougars and overripe mountain men aren't my ideal company.

"Indeed, for much of its length the path is fenced off from the farm land."

I mean wonderfully lonesome, spirit rousing, long distance walking.

Most of the time, I was perched between 30 and 70 metres above the infinite sea, taking in the same view as those Iron Age fort dwellers. And it won't be changing any time soon it's protected by law.

For this reason, I was feeling pretty smug as I left Fishguard until I heard something large rustle in a nearby bush. Then I nearly released a prehistoric noise of my own. (Suggestion: Never visit message boards. Of any sort. Ever.)

In Britain, cows tend to be your most fearsome trail companions. Furthermore, you're never far from civilization. Worst case scenario: you stray off course and end up at a different pub than expected.

Converse Full Black Sneakers

Converse Full Black Sneakers

This silly girl did neither, arriving in Fishguard in the first week of March with brand new shoes (kids, this is a storytelling technique known as foreshadowing). After a fine night at the exceptional Manor House Hotel, Converse Full Black Sneakers I was sent on my way with a packed lunch complete with regional baked goodies Bara Brith and Welsh cakes.

mettle in the wild west: Wales.

While the vistas were soothing, at times the trail hugged the edge so closely there was but a metre between me and a free fall into a reunion with my dead Converse All White Low

Converse Full Black Sneakers

Happy trails in Wales


I'd covered a fair few miles in England when I decided to test my Converse Dainty Ox Womens

So a "moo" versus "boo" faceoff ? What fun.

For the first dozen or so, I huffed and puffed and focused on the cake that I would devour as a reward. But, probably around the time my biggest blister was entering its third trimester, I got an exhilarating burst of adrenalin. Getting somewhere substantial on foot, all alone, was primitive and satisfying.

These were practically in someone's backyard. (I could just imagine the locals taking them for granted: "Gwythyr, set the hibachi on the Neolithic tombs.")

Converse Full Black Sneakers

To assuage my fears, Dave Maclachlan, a trail officer, emailed to say that most bulls aren't permitted on land crossed by rights of way.

The path delivered history without hesitation; upon exiting Fishguard, I discovered three Neolithic tombs. Today they're collapsing stones, but once upon a time they were covered in earth, encapsulating bodies of heroic leaders and hot celebrities.

"There are a few Converse High Tops White Size 4

Converse Full Black Sneakers

Perfectionists will wait for bucolic April/May weather, when the wildflowers really strut their stuff. More importantly, they'll break in their hiking boots well in advance.

Converse Full Black Sneakers

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