Converse For Men 2018

Converse For Men 2018

"One day, my bike ran out of gas," Covington recalls, "and Rocky pulled me for about five miles to the next gas station. He just stuck out Converse Shoes For Teenage Girls

Converse For Men 2018

"I don't think my grandma has ever been able to tell us apart," Converse High Tops Childrens

Converse For Men 2018

haired country boy alone

From Rocky Covington's Web site

Converse For Men 2018

Converse For Men 2018

But that will be Rocky Covington, Bucky's twin, heading to a set up of percussion instruments. The other Covington the "American Idol" veteran and rising country star is going to amble out shortly afterward.

Converse For Men 2018

Converse For Men 2018

"One thing about a brother, you share everything," he says. "From a car when you're 16 to a combo meal when you're 12."

But say you'd rather hear about his dog, a black Lab named Slim. Covington is happy to oblige.

Converse For Men 2018

No defensiveness, no bland PR quotes, no steering the conversation into a promotional mode.

the job at hand.

His twin also comes in handy when the Covingtons decide to hop on their motorcycles during their spare time. A couple of street bikes are part Converse For Men 2018 of the concert convoy, Covington says, and the brothers like to ride in fair weather.

Chances are shouts and applause will erupt at the sight of a slim musician with wavy, shoulder length blond hair, a pointy chin and some scraggly attractive facial fuzz

Converse For Men 2018

Don't feel bad if you've been fooled. Both of the brothers are used to it.

During a recent phone interview, the down to earth singer was chatty, cheerful and willing to share stories like this one. That's the Covington way: Be nice to folks and take care of Converse Dainty Ballerina

"I very much missed my dog when I was on 'American Idol,'" he says. "I don't have him with me, now, either. We're getting another bus on this tour, and I'm going to put him on it. He's an awesome dog; he trained himself. He makes a little sound and I jump up: What you need? Maybe he trained me."

Covington, 30, says it feels natural and right to have Rocky on the road with him, and on his Prevost bus.

his hand and I grabbed on. We killed our arms; they were jelly. I'm just glad the police didn't see us. I know that's against the law some way."

Bucky Covington says. "It's always funny when Rocky walks out with the band. About half of the crowd will start cheering. They just don't know."

One of his goals for 2008, Covington says, is to "buy some land, get out in the country and build me a home."

Converse For Men 2018

Sure, Covington has done well with his self titled debut on the Lyric Street label. Yep, he's scored with a couple of radio singles, "A Different World" and "It's Good to Be Us." That "Idol" fame is still tucked under his belt buckle, and Covington has developed a strong working relationship with Mark Miller of Sawyer Brown.

Converse For Men 2018

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