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Or, you can pay by the day with private parking space in one of the back lots from the beach.

plan which was developed by the state and Town of Hampton looked to disperse the use of the park and create more pocket parks, shade structures and a landscaped boardwalk.

Converse For Boys

million has been invested to redevelop the structures of the park.

I particularly like the soothing blue grey color of the state park structures, set against the sea. They are upon granite footings, combined with the native pine finish in the bath houses. New Hampshire's wood and stone are used very wisely in this reconstruction.

Converse For Boys

Hampton Beach State Park

Converse For Boys

The National Resources Defense Council has honored the beach with a five star rating, and is only one of four in the nation which has consistently scored high in terms of the cleanliness of the water.

Converse For Boys

The hope is that with state reinvestment, others in the private sector who have shore front business properties will follow and that can lead to a nicer, overall experience for everyone.

Converse For Boys

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101 ends at Route 1A in Hampton, the beach stretches for miles. It begins at the bridge to Hampton Harbor in the south where they have RV camping with full hook ups.

An expired meter will cost you a $25 ticket.

This park is free but you need to pay $2 an hour for parking at the meters which line miles of beach.

In 2008, a design and development plan was created and by last June, the grand opening occurred.

Over the past few years, $14 Converse On Feet Men

Converse For Boys

Located where Route Converse Gold And Black

The state owns all the beach for miles up to the rocky shoals near Little Boars Head, but then resumes ownership at North Hampton State Beach where another new bathhouse, using Converse For Boys the same colors and themes, has been constructed this year. It has been tied into a sewer system so hopefully the days of port a potties are over.

At this state park, you can swim, fish, picnic, camp and walk for miles, looking for sea shells. It is truly a magnificent bit of real estate and as a resident, it is yours to enjoy.

Converse For Boys

Converse For Boys

Converse For Boys

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