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Wolfe was nearly naked and had suffered a severe laceration to the neck, as well as several other blunt and sharp force injuries, when she was found by her stepsister, Dolores Stubbs, in the bathroom.

his once common law wife.

Pelletier told the jury they had the options to find Johnstone not guilty of murder, or guilty of first degree murder, or guilty of second degree murder.

Johnstone's defence lawyer, Gary Barnes, called no witnesses, but cross examined all of the Crown's.

"All of you don't have to agree if there was a sexual assault or an unlawful confinement," Pelletier told the jurors. "Eight of you could believe there was a sexual assault, while four of you could believe there was an unlawful confinement."

Converse Dainty Ox White Leather

Converse Dainty Ox White Leather

Stubbs and Erin testified that Johnstone would not have allowed his son to be taken away from him.

Guilty verdict in Wolfe murder

OPP Det. Insp. Jeff Bahm, who supervised the investigation into Wolfe's murder, said he appreciated the efforts of the police officers, the Crown, the attorneys and "especially the family and Converse Dainty Ox White Leather friends of Mary Lou Wolfe" in assisting the OPP investigation.

Johnstone, 36, had been on trial in a Superior Court of Justice for the death of Wolfe, 58, for the past four weeks.

Over the course of the trial, the Superior Court heard from 37 witnesses and saw 77 exhibits Converse Hi Tops Black Size 8

The day was Jan. 11, 2006. It would have been Wolfe's 59th birthday.

According to witnesses for the Crown, such as Rodney Elshof and Kirk Killeen, Johnstone visited them looking to buy some cocaine and drank liquor straight from a bottle the night he allegedly killed Wolfe.

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At the time, Wolfe's daughter, Erin, was living with Johnstone as his common law partner.

In this case, first degree murder means the accused was found guilty of murder, but also found guilty of unlawfully confining or sexually assaulting the victim as a distinct act to the murder, or attempting to commit either of those two offences.

Converse Dainty Ox White Leather

Testimony from Erin and Stubbs, who lived in Wolfe's inlaw suite, told the jury how the victim had a plan to move the family away from Johnstone to the Bowmanville, Ont. area, where some of Wolfe's family lives.

for the Crown's case, which was made by attorneys Jennifer Burke and Guy Simard.

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CORNWALL After two days of deliberations, 12 jurors have found George Johnstone guilty of first degree murder in the death of Mary Lou Wolfe, the mother of Converse Dainty Ox Sale

Johnstone allegedly had a problem with substance abuse that landed the couple in debt to Wolfe.

Converse Dainty Ox White Leather

Converse Dainty Ox White Leather

Erin told the court she might have told Johnstone about her mother's plan to move during an argument.

Converse Dainty Ox White Leather

Johnstone has one child, a son, with Erin, as well as two daughters from a previous relationship.

"The officers did a really good job on the investigation," Bahm said.

After the verdict was delivered, two of Wolfe's six Converse Quilted

siblings declined to be quoted directly, but said they believe justice was served by the trial.

Converse Dainty Ox White Leather

Before releasing the jury to deliberate, Justice Robert Pelletier instructed the jurors on what constitutes first degree murder.

Converse Dainty Ox White Leather

"Hopefully, this verdict will bring the family some closure."

Converse Dainty Ox White Leather

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