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"Hamas doesn't really want the blockade on Gaza lifted," she told Channel 2 TV. "What Hamas wants is to gain legitimacy as a terror group that governs territory, and Israel will not accept that."

In Cairo, Palestinian participants in the talks were pessimistic about the chances of a deal. They said Israel was opposing every Palestinian proposal for lifting the blockade.

A delegation of Palestinian negotiators remained in Cairo in hopes of salvaging the talks. But participants said the negotiations were not going well, and Israel said it would not negotiate under fire. The Palestinian delegation met again late Friday with Egyptian mediators.

"Israel in these talks wants to repackage the same old blockade. Our demands are ending the blockade and having free access for people and goods. This is what ending the blockade means. But Israel is not accepting that," said Bassam Salhi, a Palestinian negotiator.

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Hamas entered the Cairo talks from a position of military weakness, following a month of fighting in which Israel pounded Gaza with close to 5,000 strikes. Israel has said Hamas lost hundreds of fighters, two thirds of its rocket arsenal and all of its tunnels under the border with Israel. Egypt has destroyed a network of smuggling tunnels that was once Hamas' economic and military lifeline.

In Cairo, Khaled al Batch, a leader of Islamic Jihad, a smaller militant group in Gaza, said that without a deal on easing the blockade, an informal truce Converse Knit Pack

The indirect talks are meant to bring an end to the deadliest round of fighting between Israel and Hamas since the Islamic militant group seized control of Gaza in 2007. officials. Sixty seven people were killed on the Israeli side, including three civilians.

Hamas truce collapses in new violence

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The war grew out of the killing of three Israeli teens in the West Bank in June. Israel blamed the killings on Hamas and launched a massive arrest campaign in the West Bank, as Hamas and other militants unleashed rocket fire from Gaza.

For instance, the Palestinians are seeking greater movement of goods through Israeli controlled cargo crossings, while Israel wants restrictions on "dual use" items that could potentially be used for military purposes, they said.

The deaths brought the overall Palestinian toll since July 8 to 1,902, said Converse Shoes For Girls High Tops

Israeli Justice Minister Tzipi Livni said if Hamas wanted to end the blockade, it could have halted its attacks on Israel.

The Palestinians are seeking an end to an Israel Egyptian blockade imposed on Gaza after the Hamas takeover. Militants had warned they would resume fighting after the cease fire expired unless there was a deal to ease the restrictions.

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The eruption of fighting shattered a brief calm in the monthlong war and dealt a blow to Egyptian led efforts to secure a long term cease fire between the bitter enemies.

might be the best that could be achieved.

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"When there is no cease fire, that does not mean there is escalation," he said. "Our priority now is to focus on stopping the Israeli aggression against our people and achieving our demands."

Egypt's Foreign Ministry urged restraint by both sides and called for a new cease fire to resume negotiations. The ministry said progress had been made in the talks but did not explain. deputy spokesman Farhan Haq said. Friday. But Gaza militants began firing rockets even before then. By late Friday, nearly 60 rockets had been fired. Two Israelis were hurt, and one of the rockets damaged a home.

boys, a 10 year old and two cousins, aged 12. At least five boys were wounded.

school where her family is taking refuge during the war, in Gaza City, Gaza Strip, Friday, Aug. 8, 2014. Diala had been sick for five days, diagnosed with a lung infection due to poor living conditions, according to the family that had slept in the school from the start of the waron July 8, and she is undergoing treatment for vomiting, diarrhea and fever.(AP Photo/Lefteris Pitarakis)

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Azzam al Ahmad, head of the Palestinian delegation, said the delegation would stay in Egypt until it reaches an agreement that "ensures" the rights of the Palestinian people. "We told Egyptians we are staying," he told reporters.

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Negotiators said they expected to remain in Cairo for several days. But with violence resuming, it was unclear how much progress could be made.

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The blockade, which Israel says is needed to prevent arms smuggling, has constrained movement in and out of the territory of 1.8 million people and brought Gaza's economy to a standstill. Israel says any long term agreement must include guarantees that Hamas, an armed group sworn to Israel's destruction, will give up its weapons.

Palestinian health official Ashraf al Kidra.

Israel also was resisting demands to allow movement between Gaza and the West Bank Palestinian territories that are located on opposite sides of Israel, they said.

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The Israeli delegation to the Cairo talks left Egypt on Friday morning, and it was not clear if it would return. "There will not be negotiations under fire," Israeli government spokesman Mark Regev said.

JERUSALEM (AP) A three day truce collapsed Friday in a new round of violence after Gaza militants resumed rocket attacks on Israel, drawing a wave of retaliatory airstrikes Converse Dainty Ox Blue that killed at least five Palestinians, including three children.

Israel responded with a series of airstrikes. Palestinian officials said at least five people were killed in three separate strikes, two of them near mosques. Among the dead were three Converse Dainty Grey Size 7

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