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Converse Chucks Ii

While the U of S is undergoing the Transform US process because of an anticipated $44.5 million deficit, Dickeson said the end game isn't always to save money. There are 11 reasons why people would follow his Converse Chucks Ii model, including if their institution is over programmed, they are over staffed or they want good information to inform future budget decisions.

Dickeson, who was president of the University of Northern Colorado, said there are three key principles that spell out success or failure: alignment, data and courage. He said without alignment between the president, provost, board and chief financial officer, it is a disaster. Institutions need to find a way to gather a ton of data in a cohesive manner. They also need the courage to act once all the information is in.

"It's very, very difficult because it represents change," he said, adding the only way to engage the campus community is to get them involved and keep them informed every step of the way.

to face meeting. My personal recommendation is that news of this kind is delivered in person."

Robert Dickeson worked with the 50 year old university for two years.

"It just simply opens things up and it allows everybody to review what the reality is. So often we are simply unaware on a campus of what programs are really doing. There is a lot of talk and a lot of gossip but when you get the data out there and everybody gets to see what everybody else is doing, I've seen individuals look at the reports and say, 'Oh my gosh we are not nearly as good as what I thought we were,'" he said.

Guelph applauded for transformation using same process as U of S

Converse Chucks Ii

It's tough to boost campus morale during this transformation phase, Dickeson admitted.

"Sometimes institutions will go through the exercise which is time consuming and sometimes Converse Shoes For Women 2018

As the University of Saskatchewan follows the Dickeson model through its transformation, the man behind the method is pointing to the University of Guelph as a poster child for prioritization.

is permanent savings by eventually cutting some jobs and programs this spring, Guelph's goal was to undergo the process to inform future decisions. The University of Guelph declined an interview.

Converse Chucks Ii

Converse Chucks Ii

Converse Chucks Ii

Converse Chucks Ii

The University of Guelph did everything right, according to Dickeson.

frustrating and then not do anything with the results and that's absurd," he said.

Converse Chucks Ii

The funding model for universities is hurting if not broken, Dickeson said, because funding is not what it used to be. He said universities need to diversity their sources of revenue to include new partnerships with businesses to be able to mount successful and quality programs.

He said transparency is incredibly important and he recommends that all the university's information becomes public. In the case of the U of S, president Ilene Busch Vishniac has repeatedly said she wants to be open and transparent throughout the Transform US process.

Converse Chucks Ii

Unlike the University of Saskatchewan whose goal Converse Quinceanera Shoes

"My personal approach, having faced this when I was a president, is to sit down with the offering department and talk about it in a face Converse Jack Purcell Leather Brown

Converse Chucks Ii

They involved faculty from the beginning. They had an all faculty task force that ranked the programs. They established what their data formats would be well in advance. They did a good job of cost accounting how much each program actually costs. They had clear objectives and involved everyone who needed to be involved. They communicated effectively by setting up websites and internal communications to ensure everyone on campus was on the same page. They stuck to their schedule and they came up with the achievement of their goals.

"Every institution has its silly policies that it can do away with and by at least looking at them, you can identify opportunities for saving or opportunities for efficiencies. It almost always benefits students," he said.

He said if the end goal will result in job losses or program cuts, it is important to announce that at the outset, something the University of Saskatchewan has done. When people's jobs are on the line, personal meetings are Dickeson's recommendation.

Transparency will reduce rumours and fear, Dickeson said. The University of Saskatchewan has welcomed feedback on the transformation. While the deadline passed on Friday, an open letter has blasted the university on the Transform US.

"When people go through this, they will know more about their programs than they have ever known, ever, in the history of the institution. That's valuable in and of itself," he said.

Converse Chucks Ii

"They were in good shape financially but they could see the handwriting on the wall. They could anticipate that there might be cuts or there might be problems or there might be issues if the same old funding formulas rocked along and there were changes in the demographics," Dickeson said.

Converse Chucks Ii

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