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are powerful, he said.

Converse Chuck 2 Knit Collection

Sleds in the pro stock class Converse Shoes For Kids Boys

Each sled lines up in its own lane, side by side, and races to the checkered flag, he says, there are no penalties or caution flags. Everyone is equal at the starting line.

Nick Guerriero isn particular about what type Converse Dainty Uk 5.5

just less than five seconds, I can accelerate to over 100 miles per hour, Guerriero said.

His last year driving stock car was 2007 at Laird International Raceway, where he drove late model for track owner Donnie Varcoe.

He has participated at several ice drags in Michigan Upper Peninsula during the past few winters. However, he began racing at the professional series level this summer.

Converse Chuck 2 Knit Collection

I back to snowmobiles. It where my heart is, it what I used to do with my dad all the time This brings back a lot of memories. characterizes sled drags as bullshit racing. That one of the reasons he likes it so much.

of nine sleds, I was fast qualifier. Then it ended up raining so I never got a chance to race. I think I had a shot. I definitely had a sled to compete with down there, he said.

The surface at the starting line of a grass racetrack is covered in rolled clay. That allows the machine to dig in and the sled to rocket off the line.

a lot of hours spent in the garage. She supportive, he said.

Converse Chuck 2 Knit Collection

Converse Chuck 2 Knit Collection

And the machine doesn use regular gasoline either. It burns a higher mix VP import fuel which is 116 octane. Regular gasoline tops out at about 87 octane.

He fashioned the entire front suspension out of chrome moly steel. The steering parts are also made out of the same alloy.

heads up, run what you brung. The fastest guy wins. are only two rules in the pro stock class, he said: engines must be 600 cc, and sleds must weigh at least 625 pounds.

handle bars are even chrome molly. It looks like a regular snowmobile, but it really lightweight, he said.

Converse Chuck 2 Knit Collection

The gravitational forces are two and one half times a driver body weight when the sled takes off from starting line, says the 38 year old Saultite, who has been involved with racing for decades.

Converse Chuck 2 Knit Collection

Guerriero raced his 600 cc sled on grass this summer. But beginning next month he will run on the International Snowmobile Racing circuit in Northern Michigan and Wisconsin, using a snow machine he basically built himself.

both work steady days, weekends off, so traveling to races is easy. first outing of the winter season is set for Jan. 12, in Saginaw, Mich., at the Saginaw Bay Shootout, where he compete against at least a dozen sleds in pro stock.

Converse Chuck 2 Knit Collection

Nick Jr. also raced stock cars for a few years. He won the track championship in the Super Late Model Division at Kinross Raceway in 2004.

Converse Chuck 2 Knit Collection

In early October he competed at The Snow Bash in Hastings, Mich.

He helped his father build sleds that Nick Sr. raced locally at Trout Lake, Haviland Bay and Harmony Beach in the early been around racing machines my whole life, says Guerriero.

definitely want to thank my wife Trish for letting me do this. It time consuming. We don have any kids so there Converse Colors 2018

sled weights under 400 pounds. That almost unheard of for a triple cylinder machine. The sled was 378 lbs without me on it. in the ISR pro stock class must weigh at least 625 pounds with the driver aboard, which means Guerriero has installed some extra weight.

Much of Guerriero machine is made of medal that is strong and light.

time I come to work on a Monday morning after a race on the weekend, the guys (at work) ask, you crash, did you crash, because my neck all stiff and my shoulder are stiff. It just from trying to hang on, said Guerriero, who drives truck for the Beer Store on Bruce Street.

But one thing remains the same regardless of the surface he races on: He must use all his strength to hold onto the handle bars when cracking the throttle on his nearly 180 horsepower drag racing machine.

Guerriero has a need for speed

Converse Chuck 2 Knit Collection

Guerriero is quick to laud his wife of 12 years, who has been in his corner in a big way.

had to add almost 40 pounds of lead, he said.

Converse Chuck 2 Knit Collection

the fastest drag racing sled you can get, other than the laydown (machines), which don look Converse Chuck 2 Knit Collection like snowmobiles. became involved with racing through his father, Nick Sr., who drove for Polaris in the day. dad died in 1997.

of turf his supercharged snowmobile rips up.

sled is really, really lightweight, he said. closing in on 180 horespower out of a 600 cc triple. drag sleds are very fast on ice tracks, which are 660 feet long (one eighth of a mile), Guerriero says racing on a 500 foot long grass track is more violent because there is little or no slippage.

Converse Chuck 2 Knit Collection

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