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Preparing for an emergency for your pet.

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"Our new facility holds almost twice the number of cats as before, but we are still almost full in our cat room," said Nancy Hill, Regional Director of SCRAPS. "This has been an incredibly busy kitten season and now we are seeing Converse Chuck 2 Knit more and [.]

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Fri, Jul 25, 2014


This weekend the Spokane area enjoyed some relief from the soaring temperatures, but the forecast for the next few days shows escalating heat and that can be dangerous for pets left in a vehicle while the owner runs an errand.

The last day over 90 degrees in Spokane translated into 15 calls of dogs confined in hot cars for SCRAPS Animal Protection Officers. Two Buy White Leather Converse High Tops

Emergencies come in many different forms, and you may need to evacuate your home on a temporary basis or a longer, unknown amount of time.

Emergency Preparedness For Your Pets!

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Tips to prepare your pet for an emergency.

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"Despite repeated warnings, people are still taking their pet with them for a trip to the store," said Nancy [.]

Converse Chuck 2 Knit

Converse Chuck 2 Knit

Cats Near Capacity at SCRAPS!

and are in good health and ready for adoption. They joined the already near capacity number of felines, both adults and kittens, that are in the SCRAPS cat Converse High Tops White Womens

Tue, Jul 29, 2014

Fourteen cats have become the latest residents of the SCRAPS free roaming cat room after they were surrendered. They are all adult cats that came from one home Converse Yellow Low Cut

Converse Chuck 2 Knit

Converse Chuck 2 Knit

SCRAPS urges pet owners to be prepared for any circumstance by making sure their pets are always wearing up to date identification in the form of a license and microchip. can easily get lost and lose their collars in the chaos of an emergency, said Nancy Hill, Regional Director of SCRAPS. microchip with current information will get your pet home. an Emergency Kit [.]

of those owners face charges and fines for leaving their dogs in vehicles that were both above 110 degrees.

Heat Returns Along with Danger to Pets

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Converse Chuck 2 Knit

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