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A jury convicted Ouimet late Tuesday afternoon of two counts of first degree murder in the April 20, 2006, slayings of Converse Dainty Daisy Trainers

of self confidence and trust and struggles in school, the court heard.

The 25 year eligibility will be counted from April 20, 2006, when Ouimet was taken into custody after being charged with the two murders.

Prior to imposing sentence, Caputo asked Ouimet if he wanted to say Converse Blue High Top

Converse Brown Sole

Crown attorney Glen Wasyliniuk referred to victim impact statements from the murdered boy's younger sister, Hayley Baxter Burtis, and her foster parents.

"I live because Catholics who kill themselves go to hell that is worse than here. Maybe, when I die I can see them again. Who knows.''

Converse Brown Sole

Converse Brown Sole

No mention was made Wednesday about Ouimet's prior criminal record, which includes offences involving another woman.

Caputo sentenced him Wednesday to a mandatory life term, with no chance of parole Converse High Top Leather Boots

In January 2001, he was jailed for six months after pleading guilty to assault, forcible confinement and impaired driving.

Harley's father haunted

Converse Brown Sole


Converse Brown Sole

Scobie told Superior Court Justice Frank Caputo "My friend stays alive because his faith tells him he might see them again. He wants to die, only then will this be over.''

Later, outside the courtroom, Scobie said: "The pain, sorrow and grief will last forever.''

Converse Brown Sole

Caputo fought back tears as he extended the justice system's sympathy to the victims' families.

Ouimet admitted punching Converse Brown Sole the woman in the face, dragging her by her hair and banging her head against the wall five times when she refused to give him his car keys.

Converse Brown Sole

Hayley suffers from headaches, a lack

The statements will be part of the record and will remain on file for the parole board to review.

"That face and those eyes have changed. The eyes are hollow, empty and sometimes tears flow freely, uncontrollable. The man I knew no longer exists.''

for 25 years, for slashing the eight year old boy's throat.

Converse Brown Sole

"I hope my dreams will change now. If I look at the face of the killer, he will maybe be in my sleep. All I can do is think, think, think, eyes closed, think, think, think, maybe see his face.

Melody Burtis and her son.

Converse Brown Sole

That means he won't be able to apply for parole until April 20, 2031.

Much of the parents' time and resources is taken up with assisting the girl. Hayley has constant questions of what, why, how, which they find difficult to deal with, he said.

"No, your honour,'' the 36 year old man replied.

In her friendship with Baxter, she said, she must look at his face so he can read her lips.

Converse Brown Sole

Ontario Court Justice James Greco called that attack on Ouimet's then girlfriend a "substantial assault and brutal.''

A number of other victim impact statements, including one from Burtis's mother and two from her sisters, who all reside in Alberta, were provided to the court.

He also imposed a concurrent life sentence, with the same parole eligibility, for the killing of the 40 year old woman.

"She asks questions that are almost impossible for her foster parents to handle,'' Wasyliniuk said.

Converse Brown Sole

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