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"There's a visual, cerebral element going on with some of the dishes. It makes people think Converse Dainty Black And White

Converse Boots

With the help of McCarthy and his staff, Lepine crafted a five course masterpiece, fusing Japanese and Canadian elements in a wholly modern presentation.

Converse Boots

Converse Boots

"It's like a production. It enables us to provide the experience we want to give people as opposed to them selecting it."

"I really wanted to see Marc have his food represented. He has great food, a great reputation and he's a great guy," says McCarthy.

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Converse Boots

Dinners are meant to be lingered over and savoured at Atelier. Guests typically spend three hours in the small (22 seat) establishment. Many of the world's best restaurants offer tasting menus. This gives the chefs complete control over the dining experience.

Guest chef dinners heat up local dining scene

anything we currently have in Saskatchewan.

Atelier has become famous for the unique dishes Lepine (who was the 2012 Canadian Culinary Champion) and his team create every night.

The Saskatoon dinner was a new challenge for the Saskatoon Club chefs several other chefs from around the city came to Selling Converse High Tops

A complete "dining experience" is how Marc Lepine describes what patrons discover at his Ottawa restaurant, the nationally renowned and incredibly unique Atelier.

"That's how I Converse Boots like to eat," explains Lepine. "I like to sample lots of different things in an evening. As I was learning as a chef, the chefs I always took to were the ones that ran restaurants that did nothing but tasting menus."

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For Lepine, presentation is as important as everything else. Flavour is number one but "we're small and we have that time to put that detail into the presentation."

Chef Marc Lepine, of Atelier in Ottawa, prepares a multi course meal at The Saskatoon Club for a Guest Chefs Dinner Series event. Lepine's focus is on fresh, unique ingredients presented in a modern and exciting style. photos courtesy of MIV PHOTOGRAPHY.

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help out with the event and learn from Lepine. The tasting menu has always been a staple for him.

He wanted to bring in someone with a completely different cuisine style to Converse Dainty Navy 5.5

and gets them excited about foodWe want people to leave talking about it," says Lepine

Anthony McCarthy, executive chef at the Saskatoon Club, brought Lepine to the city recently for the first of the club's Guest Chefs Dinner Series.

Converse Boots

The event was the first for the Club's Guest Chefs Dinner Series. The next will be held June 20 with Martin Juneau (the 2011 Canadian Culinary Champion) from Montreal's Pastaga restaurant. The cost of $160 for the dinner includes tax, wine pairings and gratuity. Reserve by calling 306 652 1780.

A 12 course, $110 tasting menu is available based on what's fresh and what's in season. A lot of fun is built in chefs play with temperatures of the dishes, textures and visual elements.

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